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Besides being both safe and great forms of treatments, Chinese medicine and acupuncture can also save you money. A lot of people have a misperception about alternative medicine. They think that this form of healthcare is costly when compared to Western conventional medicine. The opposite is actually true. Western medicine is a lot more expensive than alternative treatment. There’s a couple of different ways in which this is true. First, Chinese medicine and acupuncture’s actual cost of treatment is considerably lower than western modern medicine. Second, when it comes to the prevention of disease, Chinese medicine and acupuncture is also less costly compared to the actual treatment of a health condition when it does appear.

There have been a lot of studies that have shown not just how well acupuncture can treat diseases but also on how cost-effective this treatment is. One very good example of this involves a 1992 study that was printed in the Acta Anethesiol Scand. A total of 30 patients in line for surgery participated. The results showed that 8 of the 30 patients were able to cancel their operation which led to a savings cost averaging $8500 per patient.

In 1994, the Neurology magazine published a study showing that acupuncture treatment on post stroke patients led to their shortening of hospital stay (from 162 days to 89 days) resulting in a savings of $26,500 per patient.

One other example of the cost-effectiveness of acupuncture is a study whose results were published in the 1980 edition of the Journal Spine. It was revealed in the study that out of 30 patients suffering from low back pain and treated with acupuncture, 19 were able to return to work while only 5 of the 28 people who received conventional treatment were able to return to work. Helping people return to work meant less debt for them and more savings in money for the companies.

When choosing acupuncture treatment in Bellingham, you reduce your medical costs and save a lot of money. A single consultation with a medical physician can cost as much as $270; if you visit a specialist, the cost rises to as high as $320/meeting. On the other hand, on average, it may only cost you an average of $55 to $70 for a visit to your acupuncturist. Saving a couple hundred dollars is huge for a lot of people. For the cost of one visit to a specialist, you can get around five visits to an acupuncturist.

The realm of preventative medicine is another way in which acupuncture can save you money. Basically, Western medicine focuses on repairing things that are dysfunctional and broken. A few people realize that staying healthy can ensure prevention from the onset of a disease. Eat right, lose weight, and take medicine for the “pre-” diseases (pre-hypertension, pre-diabetes , etc.). In the conventional Western medical world drugs have become the most common way of practicing preventive medicine. If you think you might get high blood pressure diabetes, etc, your doctor might treat you with low doses of the same drugs that he/she uses to address a heath condition when it is full blown all under the semblance of preventive medicine.

Preventative medicine is one the most important fields of alternative medicine. Chinese medicine, at its highest level, is utilized for the prevention of diseases. In China, there is an ancient saying that the best physicians catch the disease before it has showed up and the lowest level physician treats the disease only when it has arisen. An acupuncturist will assist you in knowing what part of your body is getting out of balance and resolve it before the imbalance becomes worse. The illness or disease will start once the imbalance is becomes too big. This restoration of balance and prevention is performed exercise, diet therapy, Chinese herbal formulas, and acupuncture. The beauty of this is that food, exercise, herbs, and acupuncture are significantly much cheaper than treating cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes without the person having to experience harmful side effects.

The essential point is that Chinese medicine and acupuncture are much more inexpensive therapies than western conventional medicine. One is also able to stay healthy more consistently and longer. With Chinese medicine and acupuncture the person will need not have to go through medical treatments.

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