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Chinese medicine practitioners in Jacksonville are trained to know the right herbs and herbal remedies to use in order to treat a specific health problem. They may also use other modalities like nutritional/diet therapy, massage therapy, acupressure/acupuncture, and Qi gong. There was hardly ever a need for surgery for illnesses in the Chinese medical system, unless an emergency arose. Hundreds of years ago, the Chinese had no real understanding of anatomy; they instead relied on the energy channels called meridians within the body to resolve a condition. Now, modern science has revealed that our material bodies not solid at all, as perceived through our senses, and are nothing but a swirling and vibrating mass of energy. Those meridians are believed to transport blood, energy from one organ system to another in a free, continuous, and smooth flow. But to have this kind of flow, we need to live a satisfied, emotionally balanced life. We also need to perform daily exercises and take in the right foods and drinks. Only then can we be assured of a life free of disease free life and, barring any unfortunate accidents, a long one at that.

Unfortunately, most of us do not eat a healthy diet nor do we perform daily exercises. Habits like overindulgence of pleasurable activities, drinking alcohol, and smoking have been clinically proven to be extremely harmful to our health. Sex does also play a huge role in the state of our mental and physical well being as well as in longevity. After we pass the age of 40, we need to be especially concerned about our sexual health, and for men, this is especially true.

Each person is different in his/her own unique way, despite the fact that we all come from the same human species. The distinctions all the way down to our genetic makeup are familial, religious, cultural, and geographic. In blood types for instance, – we have types like O, A, AB, B, hence the constitution of our blood may not be the same as our friend, neighbor, and lover. Studies show that the drinks and foods that we take in affect us bio-medically in different ways, especially when our blood type is taken into account. For instance, studies have shown that A blood types may seldom live longer than 60 years of age. These people tend to have a high risk of heart disease and cancer that kill these people at a very early age. The suspected culprit is a diet containing high saturated fats. For A blood types, would it be a good idea to recommend a vegetarian diet? It’s certainly worth considering. This is where the dietary advisor comes into the picture that sometimes, may be more important than your own doctor.

When it comes to real nutrition, blood typing must be analyzed for your nutritional needs. Herbs and foods are the biggest sources for good health. They must be customized based on your own specific needs. For those who are suffering from chronic illnesses and for those who believe they are healthy but have not been checked properly for their nutritional requirements, this is extremely important. In its approach to health, Chinese Herbal Medicine is a truly holistic form of therapy. It considers the individual and all the organ systems in the body, including the mind and heart as a whole. Balance is extremely necessary and you are definitely not in balance if you’re suffering from dis-ease. Most of the time, there are several things that need to be addressed and Traditional Chinese Medicine definitely addresses the wholeness of your being.

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