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For over 2000 years, the Chinese have been practicing an ancient healing technique known as Zuo Yue Zi, which translates to “Sit the month.” This therapy is designed for new mothers to facilitate their recovery by providing them with nutritious, convenient and tasty meals prepared with Chinese herb.

Before the West began to study how food works on the human body, the Chinese have been studying its ingredients for millennia. They grouped the ingredients into four classifications: Hot, Warm, Cool, and Cold. This does not refer to the temperature by which the food was cooked or whether the food is icy cold or piping hot; rather, it pertains to its effect on the human body. By the same token, the condition of a person’s body can be classified into Cool or Hot based on his constitution. The objective of Chinese nutritional therapy is to recompense the state of health of your body with various types of food to bring about harmony. A body that has just experienced postpartum is deemed to be cold and very weak, and so implies eating diet of Warm and Hot ingredients or foods to replenish the heat.

Since a postpartum body, during pregnancy, has been through a lot, it is unwise to introduce naturally hot foods right away. What we want is to slowly introduce a 3-stage process (Mild, Warm, Heat) that will promote the process of recovery. The three important elements of Yue Zi (rice wine, sesame oil, and ginger) should also be included in the meal.

Rice Wine: to enhance metabloism, bolster blood flow and heat up the body.

Ginger: to dispel humidity and get coldness in the body

Sesame Oil: sesame oil is used in Maitland traditional Chinese medicine, to help nourish the kidney and live to help contract the uterus.

A wide variety of Chinese herbs is also used including the bark of Eucommia Ulmoides, huang se, dang gui, dried longan, and Red Dates. All these ingredients used in postpartum condition are designed to help the new mother recover more effectively and faster than consuming the wrong ingredients during pospartum.

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