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If you suffer from colitis, be proactive and avail of self-healing remedies and lifestyles that are practically drug-free alternative treatments and are more preferred by a large number of colitis and other inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) sufferers. They are more preferred because almost all of these remedies are bereft of harmful side effects and promote the self healing of the body.

The list below shows some of the self healing colitis techniques you can try.

Diet – A high percentage of IBD sufferers have IBD due to their eating of certain food products. So, one commonsensical way to prevent IBD symptoms is to avoid eating these foods.  You can identify what foods trigger your symptoms by making a food journal and remove the foods that worsen your condition (most of the time, these foods include, acid foods, sugar and fat-saturated foods).  At the same time, you can increase intake of nutritious and healthy foods (like foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vegetables and fruits) to lower your risk of developing colitis. Refer to your physician or a dietitian regarding the right foods to eat and to embark on a diet plan that makes your body healthy and strong.

Herbal remedies – The plant world has so many herbal remedies to offer an IBD sufferer for the treatment of his condition. Plant herbs have been utilized by diverse civilizations for a number of millennia for health issues like problems in the digestive and excretory systems including colitis and Crohn’s disease. Some of the common and highly popular herbal remedies that are often used to treat inflammation include wild indigo, slippery elm, ginkgo, green tea and cat’s claw among many others. Herbs can be served as tea, added to recipes or taken as supplements or even consumed as is depending on the plant. Before you take any herb, however, it is best to consult with a licensed herbalist first.

Acupuncture – Acupuncture is a part of the ancient medical art of traditional Chinese medicine that has been endorsed by the world Health Organization as a valid treatment for 40 known health conditions. This treatment is about the use of filiform needles inserted at specific points in the body.  The needles inserted at these points help restore energy balance and blood flow in the body. Acupuncture is very effective in treating painful symptoms as well as problems like constipation and diarrhea. For best results, consult with a licensed and highly experienced acupuncturist.

Hypnosis – Hypnosis is sometimes referred to as body/mind medicine. This self healing technique can be used in treating colitis. It generates a feeling of relaxation in the patient and the reduction of anxiety and stress as well as for the improvement of immune function. Hypnosis betters a patient’s condition by enabling him to tap into his subconscious to gain better control of his symptoms. This type of healing should only be done by a psychiatrist or a psychologist.

Homeopathy – Homeopathy is a kind of healing technique that holistically treats a patient. This means that a treatment is known after consideration and study of the patient’s emotional, psychological and physical health. A trained and experienced homeopath is the best person to perform this type of treatment.

Naturopathy – This treatment addresses a person as a whole, meaning spirit, body and mind. It does not directly engage the disease head on but instead treats it by encouraging self-healing through selected and healthy lifestyle changes that the person needs in order to attain and keep good health. A lot of natural alternative therapies can be suggested some of which include herbs, physiotherapy or massage, homeopathy and acupuncture among others.

Probiotics – Less known as good gut bacteria (like lactobacillus), this treatment has been shown to greatly improve the condition of colitis patients. By increasing the beneficial bacteria in the gut, probiotics help keeps the bad bacteria in check and bring a much better balance to the gut flora.

Stress reduction – Stress and anxiety have been major causes of the worsening or triggering of IBD symptoms. So, one good treatment plan for colitis patients is to avail of techniques that reduce stress in the mind and body. Therapies and relaxation techniques like Tai Chi, yoga and meditation are great stress reducers which you can perform on a daily basis.

Lessen bad habits – A person who lives with bad habits like drinking alcohol, overeating or smoking is likely to develop a lot of health issues including IBD. If you are into these habits do yourself a favor and cease immediately these habits to avoid worsening or triggering your symptoms.

Regardless of what self healing methods you practice to treat your colitis, make sure you talk to your doctor first before beginning any of them. The advice of your doctor is still the most important thing to consider. It is also wise to let your doctor monitor your condition on a regular basis to see how well you respond to the aforementioned self healing therapies.

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