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In Chinese medicine, one outstanding method in acquiring best results with clients is to use essential oils.

A case study will provide the reader a rundown of how to work with the Stomach and Spleen (Earth Element).

In Chinese medicine, Cold and Damp are two notable pathogenic elements that can cause the sluggish movement of vital energy (chi) in the body. And when this flow or movement slows down or stagnates, the body starts to manifest symptoms and signs of illness or disease.

The Earth organ systems of the Stomach and Spleen are primarily designed to transport and convert postnatal chi. This type of chi is related to diet that involves the things we absorb from our environment. According to TCM physiology, the stomach lowers the impure postnatal chi while the Spleen elevates the pure postnatal chi. So, the Spleen is unable to perform its function properly if the chi is deficient which leads to stagnation. Flatulence is an obvious sign of Spleen Chi Stagnation and Deficiency. This was what happened with a 43 year old female client of mine.

The follow case study exemplifies the healing modalities in resolving flatulence related to Spleen Chi Deficiency combined with the secondary complaint of weak sex drive.

The primary complaint of the client was too much flatulence that got worse with damp and cold weather. The flatulence was difficult to control and this became a problem when she needed to leave her home. Her flatulence could occur as frequently as 1 to 2 times per minute that would last for 12 minutes. Whether she drank iced or hot tea, coffee, green tea, or black tea, this complicated her condition considerably.

The treatment modalities were administered within a TCM context to a great extent. Her symptoms were successfully treated by using a combination of the following remedies:

• A drop of Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) in 10 ml of olive oil
• Salvia sclarea (clary sage) one drop
• Lavandula latifolia (spike lavender) one drop
• Elettaria cardamomum (cardamom) one drop
• Zingiber officinale (ginger) 2 drops

The calming properties of Lavender oil can help relieve the main cause of flatulence: digestive tension. Clary sage oil has also calming properties that helps soothe the central nervous system. It helped relieve the stress and anxiety of my client. Additionally, it can stimulate the immune system – which can bring the body back to normal. Spike Lavender is added to help clear dampness in the lungs.

Ginger oil has warming properties that provides warmth to the Kidneys and tonifies the Spleen. This oil is important for two reasons; one is that the Spleen depends on the warming qualities of the Kidneys to furnish adequate Chi. The second reason is that the Kidneys are related to sexual drive. A weak libido usually means the person suffers from Deficient Kidney Chi. And so, when we closely observe this condition and combine the symptoms together, the real underlying problem we’ll see in Chinese medicine is Deficiency in both Spleen Chi and Kidney Chi.

As its essence is warm, Ginger tends to have a rising quality. This means that it is able to raise and support the Spleen Chi. Because the natural orientation of Lavender is upwards, it promotes the function of Ginger. Lavender has also a cooling nature that helps balance out the Ginger’s warming nature.

An extremely fragrant essential oil, Cardamon, has the ability to fragrantly open the Stomach and the Spleen (the Middle Jiao) and because of its ability to open, it can help relieve stagnation.

I advised the client to apply the formula to the back of her neck, her entire back, chest, and stomach. I told to place some of the formula to the posterior aspect of the neck and shoulders, her upper back, and chest. Her condition got better. After the first 15 minutes of treatment, she still was experiencing flatulence but with considerably less frequency. She only needed to apply formula every three hours; which gave here great relief.

I want back to another formula to relieve gas instead of relying on suppositories:

• Boswellia frereana (frankincense) 4 drops
• Zingiber officinale (ginger) 8 drops
• Jojoba wax 1.5 oz
• Beeswax 0.25

To help normalize the Chi and to warm the cold within the body, I concocted a formula that included the revitalizing and uplifting oil of Frankincense and the warming oil of ginger.

To formulate a salve I used the above mentioned formula. In applying this formula, I told my client to dip some butter using a Q-tip and put it on the perineum. This had a dual purpose: first, it was to help further stimulate good digestion and the second was to initiate treatment to increase her sex drive. Ginger’s warming essence is important in raising the libido in both men and women.

The treatment approach proved to work extremely well. All the symptoms vanished after my client followed the plan of treatment. I advised her to apply the treatment for an additional three days in order to guarantee total elimination of the symptoms. Later, she told me that this approach helped her enjoy her sexual life once again!

While the flatulence was cured and libido increased in my client, certain signs of constipation developed. Our bodies always attempt to create balance. One of the qualities of Chi is to hold, and ginger’s ability to warm the Yang as well as its warming natural may have possibly caused the constipation problem. The following was my strategy in relieving this problem:

• Olive oil 5 ml
• Cananga odorata (ylang ylang) 2 drops
• Salvia sclarea (Clary Sage) 1 drop
• Boswellia frereana (Frankincense) 1 drop
• Elettaria cardamomum (Cardamom) 1 drop

To boost libido and sexual desire, the extremely fragrant Ylang Ylang and its cooling oil was included in this formula. Clary Sage was added to promote libido and its anti – spasmodic property was appropriate for relieving constipation. Frankincense was for revitalizing while cardamom was primarily aimed at supporting the function of the Stomach and Spleen.

I advised my client to apply the formula to her lower back and stomach. This approach worked extremely for her and her complaints never returned afterwards.

Actually, there are several essential oils that can be combined to treat constipation. However, the most important thing before selecting the oils to use is to observe all the patient’s symptoms. By carefully observing my client, I decided to concoct a mixture made up of came Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage. I chose Clary Sage because it was the most appropriate oil to strengthen her libido and help relieve her constipation.

It’s important to look at the whole picture and to know that constipation was my client’s progression towards healing. After one symptom was resolved another one appeared and took its place. Chinese medicine and holistic aromatherapy has one huge benefit and that is to view the whole person and to treat beyond the symptoms.

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