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Some acupuncturists may have had experiences in treating older patients (from 40 years old and above) who are unable to pass any form of bowel movement for several days, weeks or even months even with the help of laxatives taken thrice a day for that  duration.  Symptoms of bloating can be observed in some of these patients particularly on face, stomach and even eyes.  Some of them have been diagnosed with colitis some years ago and their condition may have stabilized although they still pass on bloody stools during that time.  Some of these patients have opted for regular colonic and that’s when they started to become severely constipated.  The colonic treatments had gradually lessened their natural urge to go to the toilet eventually causing them to be in a severe state of constipation.

Most acupuncturists provide a stomach massage as part of the acupuncture treatment for their constipated patients. The massage can last for 12 minutes. During the massage, the acupuncturist palpates the body to feel the things going on under the patient’s skin.  After the massage, the acupuncturist selects specific acupuncture points to needle that he/she considers points that would help move the patient’s bowel and make him/her relaxed.

The massage and acupuncture can result in limited bowel movement at first and even then can help the patient feel much better and her bloating visibly reduced especially on the eyes and face and a little less on the stomach area.  The following treatments can be of the same sort as the initial therapy but each treatment often gives the patient more great results at home until he/she completely restores the normal ability to use the toilet everyday. Most constipated patients who have tried acupuncture also have reported a feeling of being very much relaxed and a significant lessening of their stress in their daily lives.

Constipation can affect a person not only in terms of discomfort but it also can affect him/her in terms of being easily fatigued as well rising skin conditions that are all related to the problem of constipation.


Ivelisse DeJongh is a Miami acupuncturist and the medical director at DeJongh Acupuncture Clinic.

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