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Even today, Western critics of acupuncture are busy trying to discredit the benefits gained from acupuncture because they can’t prove if it truly works or not.  The thing they cannot explain is that if acupuncture does not really work then why it has been used and still being used by countless numbers of people for treatment of their disorders for more than 5,000 years.

About 15% of the people in the world suffer from migraine.  Many factors can trigger migraines attacks.  When a person has migraine the first thing he wants to address is the pain.  Most people who have migraine are more or less prepared to handle the pain within minutes after the migraine strikes since migraine pain is oftentimes intolerable.  When migraine strikes it can strike without warning and can occur at any time and anywhere.   Some people avoid things and situations that can trigger the migraine while others have no way of controlling the factors that trigger this illness.  The question many migraine sufferers ask is there any real, long term effective cure for migraine?

A lot of people suffering may have tried various forms of approaches in resolving this painful problem.  Many have found success in acupuncture which has allowed them to be migraine free for a long time sometimes even permanently.  The only solution that most Western physicians prescribe to the migraine suffering patients are high priced medications which more often than not they push not because it is effective but because it allows them to profit handsomely with large pharmaceutical companies.  The full benefits of acupuncture is by the most part unknown to the majority of the population since doctors most of the time will prescribe medications for this ailment.

When you opt for an acupuncture treatment in Spokane for your migraine, the acupuncturist will formulate a diet to complement with your acupuncture treatment.  Foods that may trigger or make you more susceptible to migraine headaches will need to be avoided.  For example, for your drink, the acupuncturist will recommend you drink tea instead of a soda.  Doing this may lessen the attacks and allow you to enjoy more quality time with yourself and others.

During an acupuncture treatment for migraine, the acupuncturist will first massage your head to improve blood flow to your head.  After the massage, the acupuncturist will then introduce non hollow filiform needles to the scalp. Unlike the needles used in hospitals for drawing blood and injecting fluids, these needles do not elicit pain as they are inserted into the skin.  As with natural forms of treatment the effect of acupuncture is not felt immediately.  With further sessions, you will notice an improvement within weeks.  The number of attacks will lessen considerably and after several months, the migraine will banish forever.

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