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Here are some steps that can help in reducing low back pain.

  1. Massage – Massage is a very big part of lessening low back pain.  It helps your back relax those taut and tensed up or even damaged muscles in the back that is causing the low back pain.   This therapy also helps improve blood circulation to the back and help heal any injuries or muscle damage there.  Avoiding this step will not help you since your muscles will continue to be tense and tight which more often than not is the cause of your low back pain.
  2. Low back stretches – These exercises need to be done the right way.  If you are performing low back stretches, do it in a way that it does not cause pain.  If you are in pain doing these, they will only worsen your back condition.  Therefore, avoid routines that give you pain and try to stretch safely and effectively.  Consulting a health expert maybe needed to help you stretch your back the right way.
  3. Use a low back brace – The main reason why we need this is to maintain a straight and properly aligned back.  A back brace assists the spinal joints to stay in a healthy position when moving or sitting.  One other and equally important reason to wear a back brace is to prevent excessive force to affect your spine and preserve its health and structural integrity.
  4. Apply hot packs on the back for at least 30 minutes a day.  The hot packs should remain hot or warm for a considerable amount of time since hot packs often lose their warmth or heat after 15 minutes.  To successfully lessen inflammation and pain, a hot pack that can maintain its heat or warmth for at least 45 minutes should be used.  One excellent suggestion is to use a lavender hot pack that has the capacity to maintain the heat and warmth for long periods of time.
  5. Acupuncture Bellmore treatment – The type of acupuncture best suited for low back pain is moxibustion acupuncture since moxibustion acts quickly to relieve the pain.  Both moxibustion and acupuncture are ancient Chinese treatments that have been used for thousands of years as ways to treat painful conditions such as low back pain.   These two procedures are part of what is called traditional Chinese medicine which has helped countless numbers of people over millennia safely and effectively.  Both treatments like the other aforementioned procedures help in loosening up the tight muscles that cause the low back pain and help improve blood flow to the affected areas as well.  Acupuncture and moxibustion are two very effective treatments that will help you solve your low back problem safely and effectively.

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