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Acupuncture Bellmore can be dated to exist 80 centuries ago in China, which probably is one of the oldest forms of medicine around.  Acupuncture is a process where tiny needles are inserted into specific points on the body, curing a host of ailments from asthma to high blood pressure. Acupuncture according to the World Health Organization can cure over 40 different common health problems.  Can depression also cure acupuncture?  Depression afflicts in varying degrees about 11 million people every year in the Untied States.  Women are more prone to depression.  About 20% of women are depressed in the US each year as compared to 10% to men.  Suicide rates due to depression; however, are higher in men.  In terms of economic damage, depression costs a staggering $40 billion in treatment charges and lost person-hours.

Studies done throughout the years have verified that acupuncture can help treat depression and compared to mainstream medication treatment, acupuncture is more likely to cure depression than medication or psychotherapy.  Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine, which believes that a person’s body and mind are both inseparable components of the same system. Acupuncture is a holistic type of treatment in that it treats both the body and the mind at the same time, rather than viewing the two as distinct separate entities. Acupuncture’s role is to balance the body’s life energy by deftly placing needles at strategic points in the body. The normal flow of chi or life energy throughout the body is essential to our overall sense of well being, physical and emotional and people who experience a stagnant or slow flow of life energy in their body will suffer from stress or depression.  Acupuncture does not use any pharmaceutical drugs so it does not have any side effects.  Even some physicians recommend acupuncture to some of their chronically depressed patients after medications and psychotherapy fail them.

Acupuncture treats depression by removing any blockages that might be hindering the flow of chi or life energy on energy pathways called meridians.   Once the blockage disappears through the placing and manipulation of needles at the specified sites, energy can flow again through the body freely making symptoms related to the depression slowly dissipate.  Acupuncture helps stimulate the brain to release endorphins and enkephalins, the body’s “feel good” chemicals, which generate well-being and calmness in a person.  This effect makes it possible for a person to feel elated and satisfied helping the individual fight depression effectively.  Acupuncture works to cure depression but if a person has an unhealthy lifestyle that is conducive to sadness, acupuncture can only help so much.  A healthy and happy lifestyle change is needed in order for the person to experience permanent cure from depression.

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