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Bodywork is a term that encompasses a large scope of alternative therapies and medicines that range from massage and manipulative therapies to meditation, yoga, and other breathing and energy healing (including Reiki) techniques. Therapeutic bodywork techniques work with both the physical body and energy fields to bring about body-mind connection.

There are two kinds of bodywork therapies:

1. Manipulative methods: These include Alexander technique, massage therapy, Bioenergetics, Applied Kinesiology, Chiropractic, Bowen technique, Shiatsu, and Reflexology (among many others)

2. Non-touch bodywork: They include breathing exercises, tai chi, reiki, and yoga.

Bodywork therapies work in both physical and mental ailments. They heal the person as a whole instead of treating solely the problematic part of the body. Practitioners of bodywork therapy, through breathing exercises, a session of yoga, or be it a relaxing massage, focus on various techniques to free negative emotions, anxiety, and stress. Among bodywork circles and in bodywork books, it is often remarked that emotions are the cause of common illnesses; manifestations of health symptoms appearing as illnesses, pain, and aches in the body. Addressing negative emotions via manipulative and non-touch techniques can therefore result in an enhanced sense of well-being and a healthier client.

Popular bodywork techniques include:


The art of using essential oils and plant oils for physical and psychological well-being


Heal disease and pain by sticking filiform needles at certain points on the body


Kneading, smooth, long strokes, and other movements focused on cursory layers of muscle, soothers both mind and body

Tai Chi

An ancient Chinese healing system of meditative and slow physical exercise meant for health, balance, and relaxation

A holistic system of exercise that renews the mind and stretches the body. Requires flexibility, strength, and balance

Less commonly know bodywork techniques include:


A method of manipulating the connective tissues of the body to free patterns of stress within the human form.

Kahuna healing

A system of energy healing based on very old Hawaiian methods and shamanic wisdom.


A treatment than involves the practitioner placing his hands on the patient allowing the patient to tune into what is known as craniosacral rhythm, working gently with the skull and spine and its fascia, diaphragms, and cranial sutures. Treats TMJ Syndrome, migraines, back pain, neck pain, and mental stress.


A mixture of curative stretches involving the joints, cartilage, and fascia. A physical therapist named Lauren Berry was responsible for the creation of Berrywork.

AMMA therapy

A therapy that means to pull-push, AMMA is an old Asian term used to describe massage. This type of treatment is different from ordinary massage in that it focuses on the more subtle frequencies of the human body. AMMA therapy works on moving and balancing the energy of the body.

Activation of predetermined acupuncture points on an energy field of a person or the surface of the body with the intent of gaining certain therapeutic outcomes is a process that has been utilized in several traditional healing systems for millennia. As can be gleaned from the abovementioned examples, there are a lot of modern and ancient bodywork practices that can influence the body’s functional capacity to rectify energetic and physical dysfunctions; and even in the present day, this healing system continues to thrive.

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