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The dangers of drug addiction are many.  An addict can overdose; get infected with diseases such as HIV and various types of hepatitis; have thrombosis and low blood pressure; become malnourished; acquire dental problems; engage in criminality; have relationship problems; become unemployed; enter into prostitution and experience withdrawal symptoms.  Addicts who want to positively change have at their disposal drug counselors, support groups, rehab programs and, ironically, pharmaceutical medication.  Acupuncture, specifically, the 5-point ear acupuncture treatment was used for drug users initially but now is utilized for tobacco and alcohol abusers, as well.  Acupuncture, according to traditional Chinese medicine, stimulates the nervous system to release beneficial chemicals such as endorphins and enkephalins in the body.  These so-called “feel good” chemicals allow physical and emotional well-being in the individual. They help mitigate pain, anxiety, worry and stress enabling the individual to relax.

Acupuncture Palm Harbor is effective in helping the individual cope with drug withdrawals.  It normalizes chemicals such as dopamine in the brain and lowers the excited and anxious state of the brain due to the drugs helping the individual relax and feel calm during the withdrawal phase.  It also helps reduce serotonin levels, elevated due to the euphoric effect of the drugs, causing the excited state of the brain.  Acupuncture in turn increases endorphins to help mitigate the anxious state of the brain during withdrawals.  Acupuncture has been a popular mode of treatment for many types of illnesses in China for thousands of years.  It is now one of the most popular forms of alternative medicine in the Western world and is now integrated into mainstream healthcare by many hospitals in the West.  Traditional acupuncture is usually completed by other modalities such as moxibustion, cupping, massage or electro-acupuncture.  Acupuncturists are also into counseling regarding dietary or lifestyle matters.

Traditional acupuncture views the emotional or mental state of the person as indistinct and integral to the individual’s physical state.  Acupuncture is a holistic type of treatment and deems illness and poor health as a result of imbalances in the body.  An experienced acupuncturist determines the exact cause and the subsequent disharmony of a person’s health problem and opts for its most effective treatment. The nature and cause of the health problem qualifies the choice of acupuncture points to be treated. Traditional acupuncture also is used to strengthen the body’s immune system and acts as a preventive measure against diseases.

As time progresses, many uses and benefits of acupuncture are being regularly discovered.  Three common factors have been credited to acupuncture.  First, acupuncture helps release endorphins and enkephalins in the body promoting comfort and relaxation in the mind and body.  Second, acupuncture removes chi blockage and enhances blood flow, which boosts the body’s immune system, revitalizes tissues, organs and other body parts poorly nourished prior to acupuncture.  Third, acupuncture regulates and normalizes the body’s glandular and hormonal secretions balancing body functions and promoting good health.

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