Ear acupuncture Overland Park for weight loss has been one of the most popular acupuncture treatments for weight loss.  The ear is one part of the body possessing acupuncture points connected to meridian networks in the various major organs, the nervous system and the brain thus making the ear one of the vital parts for acupuncture therapy.

The purpose of ear acupuncture is not only reducing your weight per se, it more or less helps you to tackle the craving for food by releasing endorphins in the body, to make the body feel good which happens when the person is eating.  Instead of the craving and the eating satiating the craving, the release of the endorphins thru acupuncture, bypasses the eating phase of the food addiction.  The body feels sated through the endorphins ending the craving of the patient for food.

The endorphins also end the stress and anxiety that engendered this craving.  The endorphins calm the patient down, take away the extreme emotions and allow the body to help regenerate the organs affected by the disorder. These high but negative emotions are the cause of the blockage of chi in the liver that led to the addiction.

Each acupuncture point in the ear corresponds to a specific part in the body connected to the ear by meridians where chi, the Chinese word for life force, flows.  As chi stagnates in one part of the body, the person then experiences diseases, illnesses and disorders.  In eating disorders, the major organs affected are the liver, kidneys, lungs and spleen.  The sympathetic nervous system is also affected by overeating and needles are also inserted in the ear that connect to the brain and the nervous system.

The acupuncturist does not just begin acupuncture immediately when you first seek for advice.  Like a medical doctor, he will ask of your medical history and the type of eating disorder you suffer.  Once he gets the information he needs, he determines the best acupuncture treatment for you.

It is very important to note that maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle can negate or prolong the treatment.  One does not get thin keeping on eating even under acupuncture therapy.  The best thing about acupuncture is that it is a holistic medicine, which means not only are you treated for obesity, you are also being treated of its cause and root.  The release of endorphins is really the healing of the addiction itself since the control of your overeating means lower calorie intake everyday.

Some overweight people are so not because of an eating problem but because they hold too much water in their body.  This means the endocrine gland is producing too much hormones that make the body fat. In this case, acupuncture and herbal medicine treats the abnormal secretion of hormones and regulates the secretion of hormones normally.

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