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Electro-Dermal Screening is a non-invasive holistic therapeutic procedure of scanning to the body designed to identify any energetic imbalances existing within the body. In a lot of instances, symptoms or functional disorders suffered exist in the patient even without any pathological evidence from conventional medical tests.

Among patients, functional disturbances are widespread. They manifest in about 70% of patients in any medical practice. When no damage to the organ or tissue is seen and yet the patient manifests a variety of symptoms, this is a sign of a functional disturbance. This condition can be detected through pathological diagnostic tests or lab work. The function of Electro- Dermal Resonance Screening (EDS) is to search and find these energetic disturbances as early as possible.
If the Screening identifies any Energetic imbalances, it may mean that toxins have accumulated in the body or the body suffers from one or more physiological imbalances. Energy healing practitioners believe that Asyra, IMEDIC and other like devices can identify the underlying problem causing disease long before, perhaps, several years, before it can be detected by Western medicine. EDS devices are thought to bridge the gap between the diagnostic and the therapeutic and generate a much clearer picture of the conditions the body suffers from as well as the best possible treatment for the problem at hand. The treatments usually promoted are energetic frequencies designed to regain the body’s balance and health naturally. EDS is not designed to locate and identify any specific disease which means the no diagnosis can be determined when using this approach.
Listed below are the tests that can be done with EDS:

 Energetic State of 40 major organs
 An Exhaustive Energetic Evaluation
 Cranial Suture Analysis
 Immune Susceptibility
 Circulatory Support,
 Miasmal and Constitutional Influence,
 Emotional Stress,,
 Circulatory Disorders,
 Hormonal Profile,
 Hormonal Support,
 Immune System Support,
 Conditions Related to Menstruation & Menopause
 Imbalances in Metabolism
 Parasites and Infections
 Imbalance Affecting the Musculoskeletal System
 Musculoskeletal Support,
 Neurotransmitter Profile
 Neurological Support,
 Food Intolerance, Allergy, and Sensitivity
 Nutritional Assessment
 Brain functions, Neurotransmitter Disruption
 Trace Minerals, Vitamins, and Herbs
 Sensitivity to the Environment
 Toxicity, Heavy Metal Toxicity
 Dental & Vertebral Profile
 Emotional Stressors, and blocking beliefs.
 Electromagnetic stress
 Geopathic stress,
 and many others

After body Screening has been done, a medium is used to transfer the body balancing frequencies. This medium can be lactic sugar pellets or water that can be applied to the skin or ingested respectively. The truth is, those frequencies are the healing code that is unique for the client. It is highly advised that you update the scan and code every six to twelve weeks for the maximal benefit.
To aid in the balance restoration of your body any herbal tinctures, homeopathic remedies, and supplements to be used need to be tested also. In order to guarantee a successful and better transformation of your life, your practitioner and doctor should give you safe professional support and advice. Frequency patterns, the cause of disease can be transformed to therapeutically effective frequency patterns with Bioresonance therapy.

To avoid time-consuming trial and error treatments, test should monitor the development of the treatment.

How it works…

What is “resonance”? This question can be best answered using an example: when you hit a tuning-fork in a room with a piano, the string within the piano matching the sound frequency of the tuning fort starts to resonate as well. One remarkable discovery scientific was, that cells, in fact, communicate with each other using specific frequencies (wavelengths). Disturbance frequencies can disrupt this type of communication. By preventing this from happening, the person will stay healthy.
With EDS, we can appraise the health of the acupuncture meridians, meaning also the energetic health of the body through galvanic skin reaction – changes in the skin’s electrical resistance, very sound principle in which lie detectors are also based on. EDS also gives us the power to see how the body will respond to various kinds of substances or remedies, All living and non-living substances possess a distinct resonant signature. Each specific tissue and organ in our body has its own unique resonant frequency. We can foretell how the energetic system of the body will respond to these resonances by outputting a software-recorded ‘copy’ of these resonances.
Each person can be treated with remedies that have been tested for compatibility with the person’s specific condition. In this way, the practitioner can formulate the best plan of treatment. Moreover, since we now enjoy having a database of frequencies of diseases and substances we are able to imprint homeopathic remedies in digitized form entirely custom-built for each specific case.
In the foreseeable future, the use of energetic testing will become more and more an option for an effective preventative way order to address sickness at its earliest possible stage.
Screenings In Detail
Food Intolerance

More than a hundred foods are screened including fish, nuts, wheat, and dairy. In this way, we can ideally determine what foods generate physical symptoms such as discomfort and bloating. It is very useful for helping treat weight loss, arthritis, asthma, eczema, and digestive disorders.

Vitamin and mineral inadequacies

To identify inadequacies (deficiencies), all digestives, minerals, and vitamins must be screened. This approach is especially helpful for people suffering from stress, ME, digestive problems and fatigue.

Hormone imbalances

All hormones likewise are screened and remedies to correct any imbalances should be identified. This approach will benefit certain conditions including menstrual disorders, acne, infertility, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), PMS, and menopause.

Full Body Screening

A more detailed type of screening, full body screening is designed to evaluate function of the organs of the body. This approach focuses on the underlying root of an illness and testing remedies to regain the body’s balance and vitality, very appropriate for people with chronic illnesses, those who take long term medication and those who went through radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

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