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In almost all man and woman relationships, a healthy sex life is important. But when one or both of them have a problem with their sexual health, it can lead to embarrassment, defensiveness, and even an end to the relationship. Sexual health problems can have a variety of causes and also a variety of medical treatments that often involve the use of harmful medications. But if the cause is somehow difficult to diagnose and you want to cure the problem safely and effectively, why not consider electronic acupuncture.

How Does Electronic Acupuncture Work in Linwood?

To know what electronic acupuncture is and how it makes use of use electromagnetic wave treatment, you need to first have a basic understanding of what traditional acupuncture is. Chinese practitioners thousands of years ago perfected this healing art that involves the use of thin fine needles stuck into specific acupoints on the body, in order to treat certain health conditions.

There are literally thousands of acupoints scattered throughout the human body. Each acupoint has an underlying energy channel known as meridians where the body’s life energy called chi flows. A free-flowing chi means that you are in good health. But if you suffer from cramping, headaches or certain sexual problems, this can affect the flow of chi. If this happens, you need acupuncture treatment to help remove any blockages in the meridians and thus restore the free flow of chi.

In electronic acupuncture the same theory applies but instead of using needles on the various acupoints on your hands, electromagnetic signals via an electromagnetic device are used to restore the normal movement of chi. The magnetic wave treatment of electronic acupuncture uses variable wavelengths that send electromagnetic wave impulses directly to a specific acupoint. The procedure works by unblocking the meridians in your body that may be suffering from a blockage of energy resulting in health conditions such as sexual health problems.

Using Electromagnetic Waves to Improve Your Sex life

To accurately identify the acupoints in your hand that can help treat a specific sexual problem, you first need to have a basic knowledge of its cause. You may be experiencing sexual problems for a number of reasons. Low libido in women who are in the late stages of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and hormonal irregularities just after birth as well as menopause and infertility can all play a role in female sexual health problems. In men, issues such as prostate problems, low libido due to stress and impotency can make them unable to function in bed.

If you have an idea of what’s causing your sexual health issues, you can turn to the acupoint map of your hand and stimulate the problem areas in order to restore the free flow of chi. With electronic acupuncture, in just a few minutes you can achieve some kind of happy energy in the bedroom without the use of needles. Unlike Western conventional medicine, you don’t have to worry about potential side effects.

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