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Compared to the quite invasive procedures of plastic surgery, facial enhancement with cosmetic acupuncture Bellmore is relatively quite painless with no handicap of a long recuperation period involved.  Long before Columbus even set foot in the New World, the elite in Chinese society has been using acupuncture as a way to look and feel younger.  Cosmetic acupuncture has been making people for generations feel happy with healthier and more vibrant skin.

Unlike modern cosmetic surgery, acupuncture not only focuses on the face or even the skin, the treatment also helps increase blood circulation and regulates hormonal balance, which benefits the whole body.

One particular type of cosmetic acupuncture, the Mei Zen specializes in cosmetic acupuncture.  Acupuncturists for Mei Zen are highly trained in this type of acupuncture.  Their source of knowledge in this art is based in ancient Chinese writings that reveal the acupuncture sites and types of needles to enhance blood circulation by relaxing the blood vessels to better nourish the cells and assist in their regeneration, to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to fight wrinkles and to improve the overall health of the body which will manifest itself through a person’s outward appearance.

Usually it takes two days of one hour sessions a week for five weeks for an entire facial rejuvenation treatment.  The treatment involves hair thin needles inserted at specified points just beneath skin’s surface.  One should expect disappearance or at least a significant reduction in deep lines and fine lines in the face with a more vibrant, smoother and fairer complexion with cosmetic acupuncture.  Skin disorders such as acne and rosacea are treated. Since acupuncture does not only mean fair and healthy skin, it also helps treat other physical and emotional conditions such as anxiety and depression, insomnia, night sweats and hot flashes. Acupuncture if applied in the abdomen can even improve sexual appetite and performance. Most patients who have experienced cosmetic acupuncture end up revitalized and happy.  It is common to hear of reports of feelings of lightness, bliss and warmth after acupuncture treatment.

A very important advantage in going for cosmetic acupuncture is its cost and compared to cosmetic surgery, Botox or most conventional cosmetic procedures, cosmetic acupuncture is much more economical.  You only spend a fraction of the cost of a Botox treatment with an entire treatment program of cosmetic acupuncture.

Unfortunately, people who have suffered a stroke, or have high blood pressure, seizure problems and other chronic disorders are not advised to undergo cosmetic acupuncture.  They may find treatment, for their existing problems though with other forms of acupuncture.

Some people may find immediate improvement of their appearance while it may take several sessions before others see an improvement in their looks with cosmetic acupuncture.  People react differently to treatments and it is no different with cosmetic acupuncture.

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