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Foods that help lower blood pressure obviously are beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension. Chinese soups that contain carrot, spinach, wolfberry leaves, and celery are some of these beneficial diets.

Patients with hypertension are advised by their doctors to make modifications to their diet to regulate their high blood pressure before they begin prescribing long-term drugs.

The usual dietary modification doctors recommend include:

➢ Avoid tobacco and alcohol
➢ Consume foods rich in calcium and potassium and shun foods high in sodium
➢ Minimize the intake of salt

If you’re used to eating well-seasoned foods, you may be required rather tasteless and bland food. However, Chinese soups that are well-simmered Chinese soups are very flavorsome and just require a pinch of salt to boost its flavor.

When it comes to ingredients, soups can be quite versatile. Foods high in calcium and potassium and low in sodium should be selected. Soups that have plenty of vegetables can also promote healthy bowel movement that’s known to help normalize blood pressure.

Foods that reduce blood pressure can even benefit patients that are already on medical treatments.

It goes without saying that not all Chinese soups are appropriate for people suffering from hypertension. Eat vegetable and fish soups and stay away from soups with stocks made from bones and beef soups.

If you’re treating your high blood pressure by taking blood thinners, do not eat foods or soups that contain dang gui or angelica root.

The following is a list Chinese soups that can help lower your blood pressure

1. Red dates with Celery tea – Celery is widely known as an ideal food that can lower high blood pressure.


Water 2 liters
Red dates 50 grams
Celery 200 grams


Wash and clean the red dates and celery
Slice the celery into small cuts
Put all the ingredients in a soup pot and simmer for half an hour
Drink the tea many times a day

2. Soup with wolfberry leaves and fish – Goji or wolfberry leaves are nutritiously rich and are very good to the liver. If you’re liver is healthy, it is beneficial to your blood pressure.


Sesame seed oil, pepper, and salt
Three slices of ginger
Celery 120 grams
Wolfberry leaves 250 grams
White fish fillet 60 grams


Clean the wolfberry leaves and celery with water, take out the leaves from the stems
Take out the leaves and roots of the celery, slice into small cuts
Rinse fish fillet and cut into thin slices
Use ginger, sesame seed oil, and a pinch of salt to season the fish lightly
The wolfberry stems are tied into a bunch and places in a stock pot
Add two liters of water and boil
Reduce heat to medium heat and allow it to simmer for twenty minutes
Take out the wolfberry stems and include the wolfberry and celery leaves
Cook for around ten minutes, include the fish slices and cook the fish till it’s done
Lightly season the dish with pepper and salt prior to serving

3. Century egg and spinach congee – This congee is an ideal diet for people suffering from hypertension who have been advised to watch their diet. How much water you put in the congees will be based on the consistency you desire.


White rice 50 grams
1 century egg
Spinach 50 grams


Cut the century egg into very small slices
Wash the spinach with water and slice into bite-sized cuts
Wash the rice
Put the century egg, spinach, and rice, in a big pot
Add water boil
Before serving season the congee with a pinch of salt

4. Rice celery rice porridge – This porridge is ideal diet for people suffering from coronary heart disease or high blood pressure.


Water 10 cups
Pepper and salt
Celery 120 grams
White rice 250 grams


Wash and slice celery into cubes (bite-sized)
Wash rice and put in a pot along with the celery
Add water and boil well
Reduce the heat to a simmer and cook until the congee has a medium consistency
Add pepper and salt

5. Apple with celery tea – Take this recipe if you are easily excitable and suffer from symptoms such as flushed cheeks and headaches.


Water 2 liters
Two Apples
Celery 250 grams


Wash apples and celery
Slice the celery into smaller cuts
Put the celery in a pot of water and boil for a couple of minutes
Juice the partially boiled celery along with the apples
Drink the juice in a glass of water two times a day

Aside from celery and spinach, people with indigestion and high blood pressure can also benefit by eating carrot porridge.

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