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Most of us often think of acupuncture when we think about Chinese medicine, but the fact is, herbal medicine is as important or even more important in Chinese medicine. The idea behind herbal medicine is that each herb has a number of different effects on the body through the organ or organs it affects, its actions, and its innate temperature.

Foods have the same healing properties as herbs although some foods affect the body even stronger and in fact are considered both herbs and foods. They include:

Chinese dates

They are known to tonify the Spleen organ system. The signs and symptoms of Spleen weakness include lack of energy, poor appetite, fatigue, and shortness of breath. Chinese dates can be added to dishes such as salads or eaten alone and can be purchased in health food stores can Asian markets.


A powerful food/herb that has parasite-killing qualities, garlic can be to treat symptoms such as dysentery and diarrhea. It can also help with food poisoning or toxicity and as a preventative measure against flu.


These are moving (dispersing) and warming foods. When boiled with ginger, scallions are commonly used to relieve the early stages of a cold. Before going to bed, drink the broth. This will help you to perspire mildly a mild sweat, which can disperse a cold before it worsens.


Besides used as flavoring, one of the most common uses of herbs is to relieve abdominal pain and discomfort. Ginger is known as an extremely warm herb that can be served as broth in broth combined with scallions in order to combat the early stages of the common cold.

Goji berries

Goji berries have been recently discovered to promote longevity and health. Goji berries are also called Chinese Wolfberries. They have sour and sweet taste and can be added to raisins or eaten alone. Goji berries are used by Chinese herbal practitioners to treat declining eyesight and blurred vision associated with aging. Besides being good for longevity, consuming Goji berries can also strengthen the Kidney organ system, which is also related to aging.


Cinnamon has an energy-moving and warm quality. It can be used to treat colds that come with plenty of pains and aches.

Mung beans

They can help relieve a condition known as Summerheat, a nauseous feeling you get when the weather’s really sticky and hot. The mung beans are boiled till they become soft and then drink the water they were cooked in. If you’d rather take it as soup, just add some vegetable and a little broth.


Watermelon is a sweet delicious fruit that is a treat to eat on a humid and hot day. It has moistening and cooling qualities and Chinese medicine practitioners sometimes use it to treat Summerheat.


Lately, walnuts have been getting raves as a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids. But the thing is Chinese food therapy and herbal medicine also use it to treat constipation and emolliate the intestines. Walnuts can also prolong longevity and as they deemed to help tonify the Kidney organ system.

Hawthorne fruit

Hawthorne fruit can be bought as Hawflakes which is a type of sour candy or as a supplement in Asian markets. It is used to treat indigestion, which in Chinese medicine is known as food stagnation.

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