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A woman’s pregnancy is divided into three trimesters, each three months long (about 14 weeks each per trimester). It’s observed during each trimester that certain common symptoms occur among pregnant clients that can be relieved or resolved with CST or Craniosacral Therapy.

Let’s discuss the first, second, and third months of pregnancy or the first trimester of pregnancy.

After conception, the initial few weeks are the periods when the embryonic period takes place in which the systems and organs of the developing baby are formed. The embryo or undeveloped baby is smaller than your little toe at the first eight weeks, although at this time all the internal organs have already developed with some even functioning. Because these early weeks are so important in the development of the baby, some women come in for Craniosacral Therapy to prepare for conception.

Obviously, there are would-be mothers who may wonder if craniosacral treatments are safe to use when they are pregnant?

Yes, CST is safe as well as very helpful in their body’s adaptation to the changes through the entire 40-week process of pregnancy, and she needs to have her body functioning at its optimum to support and fully nourish her developing baby.

One other concern pregnant women ask is whether CST precipitates premature labor.

When done by a qualified craniosacral therapist in an appropriate and correct manner, craniosacral therapy never works against what your body needs to do. However, in the initial 12 weeks, if there is something wrong with the pregnancy, miscarriages do happen and this may occur because the body needs to terminate the fetus. CST merely assists the body in what it naturally needs to do.

In the early weeks, one typical complaint of pregnant women is nausea, which, can be activated by an increased sensitivity to certain foods and odors. Craniosacral therapy can address this symptom and when treated in the early stages of pregnancy, it enables you to forge a very close attachment with your growing baby, allows you to adapt to changes in your growing body, most importantly, and helps you to relax. Since a Craniosacral therapist only administers very gentle touches, this is the most appropriate treatment you can avail of during the first weeks of pregnancy.

Tiredness is another symptom that can be felt by the newly pregnant mother. When Mel was 10 weeks pregnant, she decided to come for CST. She worked full time and had a two-year-old toddler. During her therapies, she entered a deep state of relaxation and even slept occasionally via a number of relaxation-inducing touches. She felt better later and was able to adopt to her hectic timetable. At almost 40 weeks, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, she named Sam.

Fourth, fifth, and six months of pregnancy (The Second Trimester).

For most of my clients at this time, the nausea and fatigue of the first trimester have disappeared. The next trimester will be the period for increasing their health and well-being. Acid reflux or heartburn is the condition my clients commonly experience at this stage. This happens because the developing baby is putting growing pressure on the woman’s abdomen.

Stella was expecting her third child when she entered my clinic suffering from reflux. She reported that during her past two pregnancies, she also had digestion issues and had read from an online article that Craniosacral therapy is one natural and safe way to relieve heartburn. I gently placed my hands on her lower ribs during our first session and within minutes, she could sense the tension surrounding her diaphragm loosen. Later, she told me the pressure on her esophagus had loosened, and she felt she had now more space for the baby. This easing off pressure helped decrease the acid flow from her abdomen to her throat. Besides CST, I recommended that she stay away from rich foods, eat smaller portion meals and wear loose clothing that will lessen the chance of reflux all the more.

If the expectant mom is taking on more tasks than she can handle and/or is suffering from anxiety, this can bring about tension headaches. Many of my clients complaining of tension headaches also had backache problems and when their backaches had been addressed, they find that their headaches have likewise been resolved. With CST, the client can tune in with the message sent by her body. She may realize the real cause of her tension headache is just a lack of rest and anxieties about labor. CST gives you the insight to know what the problems in your body are and the means to acquire the answers to those problems.

Seventh, eighth and ninth month of pregnancy (The Third Trimester).

In the third trimester, the client often experiences shortness of breath problems, and their fatigue can once again appear. At this stage, her body will show signs of slowing down because of tiredness. Some of my clients seem to experience a stuffy nose in their late pregnancy. This occurs because hormones in their body (which are preparing the vagina for birth by lubricating it) can also affect the sinuses and nostrils. A gentle session of CST can help release their nasal and facial bones that specifically relieve these problems.

With the problem of congestion, some clients find that along with Craniosacral treatments, diet can also weaken the congestion. This type of sinusitis will eventually disappear once the baby is born.

In the final weeks of pregnancy, the most common condition problem I see in my pregnant clients is back pain, which can be felt at any phase of the pregnancy but more often than not occurs in the final trimester. CST is a perfect treatment for backache and just a few sessions along with swimming, yoga, stretching exercises can lead to fewer aches and pains and a better-quality sleep.

Some expectant moms see me just before their due date. At this late phase, one can still enjoy the benefits of CST as it prepares the body for labor even more. Sometimes, when the labor seems to take longer than usual, a session or two will provide the client with renewed energy.

Jamie Catlett is an acupuncturist in Jacksonville, FL and the founder of Jacksonville Acupuncture Clinic.

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