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Negative chi energy is toxic to your health. This toxicity can be precisely measured. So where are the toxic sections in your home?

First, we need to look at the wet areas. Your laundry and bathroom are susceptible to small undiscovered water leaks and molds, which can become a breeding ground for a variety of harmful microorganisms that can make your house and you ill. This certainly is bad or negative Feng Shui. To see if your wall spaces and walls have leaks, you can have these areas moisture tested. If leaks are found, you can make an insurance claim and have the issue fixed.

Health issues such as chronic fatigue, asthma and allergies can be traced back to such mold and water problems. When these issues are dealt with, spectacular results often occur.

Rooms that that are not well-ventilated are often plagued with toxic agents. These agents include deodorants, detergents, cleaners, and shampoos conditioners. Spraying aerosols in enclosed areas can be bad for your health as well as the concentrated chlorine from your shower that you might inhale from the hot water vapor in your shower.

The last is easy to repair. Simply add a shower filter which eliminates the chlorine. A shower lasting 10 ten minutes is like drinking four gallons of chlorinated water due to the chlorine concentration in the vapor.

Next on the toxic list is your kitchen. You may not be aware but if a child drinks a laundry detergent, washing up liquid or dishwasher liquid, he will die! We inhale toxins when we open the dishwasher and even have these chemicals on our clothes. Replace those toxic products with products that use non toxic chemicals for your laundry, bathroom and kitchen needs that cost no less and work just as well.

The laundry, bathroom and kitchen areas are usually a magnet for negative energy. You can purchase safe non-toxic products in your nearest health food supermarket or on the internet. This is not Feng Shui in the strictest sense, it’s just common sense.

In this day and age, one cannot reasonably talk about energy inside the home without addressing certain health issues. A syndrome called “Sick building” is a well recorded field of study. One government building my friend used to work in was eventually closed after reports of very high cases absenteeism due to sickness and frequent complaints from the staff.

In Australia, after being identified as a cancer cluster, one of the broadcasting studios of the ABC government television was closed down. A lot of women working in that studio developed breast cancer, which was unusually higher than the averages of any workplace.

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