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If you’re a believer in Miami acupuncture therapy, most likely you’ve heard about or have even been treated to moxibustion some time ago. However, if you don’t know anything moxibustion, you’re missing out on an extremely effective remedy. Moxibustion is an age-old healing are that’s part and parcel of an Eastern medicinal system known as TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine. Moxibustion works by using heat therapy to reinforce your immune system, eliminate blockages in your body that are causing illness and pain, and stimulate blood circulation throughout your body. There are two commonly used forms of moxibustion: direct moxibustion and indirect moxibustion. Direct moxibustion is when an acupuncturist burns a cone-shaped small amount of moxa directly on the patient’s skin. Indirect moxibustion is the use of cigar-like moxa sticks to deliver non-contact heat therapy on the body of the patient. The latter is much safer than the former as well as a do-it-yourself technique that anyone can do in the comfort of their homes. Expose your body indirectly to the heat of a burning stick for at least five minutes, and you can feel the healing process of your body speeding up resulting in quick relief and treatment of cramps, colds, traumas, sprains, and even of digestive disorders!

Burning Moxa Sticks to Melt Away Pain

Moxa sticks are mugwort herb shaped into cigars. This is an incredible healing agent that has been used in folk medicine for thousands of years. Medical studies confirm that moxibustion boosts the flow of blood flow in the body, particularly, the pelvic region which why it is widely used to relieve menstrual cramps and stimulate menstruation.

Based on TCM theory, blocked energy or life force, which is the energy that flows all over your body—foments all kinds of physical and mental conditions. Removing the blockage to chi flow so it flows freely once more is the basis of TCM therapy.

Moxibustion encourages optimal organ function because it eliminates damp and cold and stimulates blood flow within the body. Administering heat therapy based on moxibustion resolves:

o Arthritis pain
o Tendinitis
o Muscle stiffness and pain
o Infertility
o Sprains
o Cancer
o Congestion and Colds
o Ulcers
o Digestive upset
o Migraines and headaches

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, a study on moxibustion showed that the therapy turned 75 percent of breech babies into a head-down normal position before birth.

Using a Moxa Stick

When you use a burning moxa stick, it’s important to follow carefully the these steps since you’re literally playing with fire.

Step 1

Burn one tip of the moxa stick with a lighted candle or lighter. The moxa may take some time to burn, and if it does, make sure you’ve correctly ignited the stick by holding the smoldering end two to three centimeters from the back of your hand. A pleasant warmth should be felt.

Step 2

Hold the smoldering end two to three centimeters over the site of treatment. For example, if you’re suffering from an ankle injury, apply the burning end of the stick close to your ankle for five to ten minutes. Slowly move the stick over the sore parts, making sure to avoid direct contact with your skin keeping a close distance as possible with the stick. The tolerance to heat varies per person.

Apply the same technique but spread out in a circular motion if you’re treating a larger area. For example, move the moxa stick in circles slowly across the lungs if you’re treating your lungs for allergies, flu, or congestion.

Use a glass or ceramic dish or simply a towel to catch the ashes or place the moxa stick.

Step 3

Use a glass jar to put out of the fire off what remains of the stick once you’ve saturated your infirmity with heat. Tightly seal the jar to kill the fire completely. You can also use a tinfoil to wrap the burning end of the moxa. Both techniques can help preserve the moxa for future use.

Note: Standard sticks come with a lot of smoke and a particular scent, which may be like that of marijuana. If you have an upper respiratory condition or are sensitive to smoke, you can avail of smokeless moxa sticks to lessen smoke fumes and odor.

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