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These days, the ancient art of Tai chi is used as an exercise program that provides more benefits compared to the other conventional exercise routines. The other routines can provide meaningful benefits only to the musculoskeletal system. You apply your force against an immovable object when performing isometric exercises, which only benefits a few group of muscles in the body.

Weightlifting or calisthenics also only promotes stimulation to some individual muscles but unlike isometric exercises, they provide a wider range of movement to the muscles. However, all those exercises are incapable of improving one’s overall physique. Tai chi is the only exercise that can help build your entire physique.

According to the Medical Academy of Shanghai, the benefits you can get from practicing Tai chi are so many and enormous. Studies conducted by this academy reveal that Tai Chi tones the musculoskeletal system of your body, relieves stress, and lowers blood pressure. It also smoothes the flow of blood in your body, stimulates the central nervous system, and totally cures all your presenting gastric problems.

From the standpoint of TCM or traditional Chinese medicine in Bellingham, the inner vital energy of our body called chi is essential in keeping us always healthy and fresh. If the circulation of chi in the body is disrupted in any way, it will lead to illnesses and/or pain within the body. Hence, the primary goal of tai chi is to sustain the smooth flow of chi at all times. This exercise is definitely an extremely unique and versatile exercise program that anyone can perform.

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