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I am sometimes asked whether any Feng Shui remedy to quiet a noisy neighbor exists. The kind of chronic noise can differ and depend on what is causing it. Knowing those factors can determine what type of approach should be taken.

One of my clients who complained about a noisy neighbor told me that the neighbor they share an apartment wall with are a couple who argue and they can tell whether they are physically fighting. The problem is since the violent husband has seniority in the same company as my client’s, he is hesitant to make it known he was the one reporting the crime and hence refuse to call the police. In short, my client doesn’t want to lose his job.

Obviously, my client is in an extremely odious circumstance to be in: to not report violence as your job could be in jeopardy. In some of the recent complaints about a noisy neighbor, it was typically a problem involving someone in an adjacent unit who’s clueless of just how loud his voice is or an inconsiderate neighbor who shakes the whole building with every subsonic blast of his subwoofers.

Some years ago, a client told me that she placed a mirror’s reflective side on the floor, which faced the unit of her neighbor unit below her. She had read in an online Feng Shui article about this “solution” which according to her was a New Age version of Feng Shui and she averred that it worked – after placing the mirror, the neighbor quieted down. This may seem magical but it actually perpetuates the false notions people have about Feng Shui. What she did is akin to her casting some spell over another person.

In truth, there actually is no preset solution of how to address the problem of a noisy neighbor. For instance, if you have a neighbor that has a very loud and powerful subwoofer, even sound proofing your walls would be futile, as low frequency sounds can easily go through thick walls or even steel. Perhaps, the only solution is to talk to the neighbor, complain to your landlord, or just find another place to stay. Most of the time, a neighbor may not respond in the manner you desire if you just tell them they are too noisy. It may also be a good idea to record the sound of their noise and play it to them to let them know just how annoying they are. Countering their noise with another noise won’t make the problem go away; in fact, it may only make it worse.

Apartment dwellers are not the only ones who have a problem with noisy neighbors. Folks who live on large properties or in single family residences tend to also have this kind of issue.

One case of a neighbor problem where I have seen a Feng Shui correlation is where a client had indicators in his/her own home that could disclose of their susceptibility to legal issues, gossip, or arguments. There is a big a good chance that both the houses have similar Feng Shui if they were built in the same time frame and are oriented the same direction. In simple terms, , if adjoining neighbors have the same Feng Shui elements that could bring about irritations and annoyances, those issues could be actually targeted toward each other! Occasionally, after you have balanced your own Feng Shui, it may likely result in you being less prone or less likely attracted to these kinds of hassles.

Rather than taking an aggressive stance and thinking of something like “ba gua” mirrors or “poison arrows”, I would recommend that a gift basket to your neighbor attached with a friendly note can be a much better Feng Shui and keep the psychic energy between domiciles more sympathetic and harmonious.

But if you are unfortunate enough to have a noisy neighbor who is a narcissist, a psychopath, an idiot, or has gross mental health issues, then my advice to you is to move.

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