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Acupuncture Bellingham is probably the most popular form of medical treatment in the world today and is widely accepted in Europe and the United States.  This achievement is noteworthy since acupuncture’s metaphysical and Chinese origins are not usually easily accepted by so-called Western science. Applying acupuncture for losing weight became relatively known in the US when in 2003 CNN televised acupuncture clinics in China using acupuncture to treat weight problems of their patients.

Hardly anyone in China had serious obesity problems before China became the hub of US and European mass manufacturing.  This spurred economic growth and international bankers and businessman forced China to open its doors to the toxic and badly nourished standard Western diet choices (aka fast and junk foods).  This type of Western Diet involves eating processed foods laden with toxic preservatives and too much sugar and fat.  Physicians, nutritionists and dietitians recommend eating vegetables and fruits that are steamed or raw, not processed, canned or overcooked, the latter seen in fast or junk foods offer.  These are the kinds of foods corporate America offers its citizens and the world; a ploy for the world to get sick and thus spend on medications and drugs manufactured by another corporate entity, the pharmaceutical industry.

Acupuncturists in China now deal with the burgeoning problem of obesity in their country and have also included in their treatment recommendations for lifestyle and dietary changes.  Traditional Chinese medicine believes obesity is due to an imbalance in the digestive system.  Acupuncture is then needed to restore the balance in the digestive system and guide the person back to a healthy normal weight.

The basic truth to weight loss is that if you burn more calories than you take in, you will lose weight.  Hence the only way to lose weight is to eat less or burn more calories or both.  People who have lost weight through acupuncture techniques enjoy an efficient digestive function and have great control of their appetite.  These factors can naturally allow you to lose weight since efficient digestion results in efficient absorption of nutrients; this sates the body with just minimal food intake and negates the need for more food consumption.

During acupuncture treatment, the acupuncturist will insert filiform, sterilized stainless steel needles to the ear and other parts of the body.  Sometimes the needles are attached to an electrical gadget or laser which sends mild energy pulses to the body facilitating and optimizing the effect of the treatment.  The needles are left in the body for about 30 minutes to an hour.

Patients report that acupuncture has greatly suppressed their food cravings and has also effectively reduced stress in their lives.  Stress can play a major role in overeating as people tend to find comfort in eating certain foods during stressful times, thus the term “comfort foods.”

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