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Some view acupuncture New York as some type of exotic or mystical healing art, which a good number of the population in the United States have never tried.  As expected, most of the information they know about acupuncture is the one rammed to their minds by television – the world’s greatest hypnotist.

Many US citizens just cannot imagine themselves pricked with several needles at various parts of the body.  Still, when all Western conventional treatments have failed, they may be sick or desperate or both to try out treatments they would never have considered trying before.

If one is considering acupuncture treatment for oneself or for others, it is best to get to know the two most popular types of acupuncture today: medical and Chinese acupuncture.  So before you get treatment, at least you know what type of treatment you are going for.

Medical acupuncture is seen by some as a kinder or watered down version of Chinese acupuncture.  Needles are still used but they are considerably thinner and smaller as their Chinese counterparts are and treatment is done by a licensed health professional or doctor.  Some areas do not even require training for doctors to use this for service at their office and if even if these doctors were trained, the training would not be as intensive as the ones undergone by a licensed acupuncturist who trained for several years in Chinese acupuncture.  The code for medical acupuncturists in the US is wma and this type of acupuncture incorporates the western life science disciplines to explain how acupuncture treats disorders in people.  Medical acupuncturists will base their decisions on illness based upon the Western point of view and will even prescribe medications as one way to treat a condition.

Chinese acupuncture is practiced by a licensed acupuncturist.  This acupuncture is holistic in nature as it not only treats the aches and pains of a body part but the whole body as well.  Chinese acupuncturists view sickness as factors that may be caused by the environment, the mind or by lifestyle.  Chinese acupuncture works to figure out what factor caused one’s conditions and this ability or skill takes literally many years to achieve, substantially longer than that of a medical acupuncturist.  Chinese acupuncturists are trained in applying needles in sites called acupuncture points that connect to certain meridians or paths where the life force called chi flows in the body.  They believe that when chi is imbalanced and its flow stagnates, the body becomes ill.  Chinese acupuncture does not incorporate the use of Western pharmaceutical medications thus enabling the body to heal without any worries of side effects.

If one wants the maximal beneficial effects that acupuncture potentially gives, then it is highly recommended to consult with an individual intensively trained in the medical art of Chinese acupuncture.  However, both Chinese and medical acupuncture do provide adequate treatments for disorders that Western treatment modalities fail to treat.

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