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Men and women who are prone to getting anxiety and panic attacks might be able to seek help in Miami acupuncture. Acupuncture has been tested in clinical studies to improve a variety of disorders, and even diseases. Its effect on anxiety disorder or panic attacks is related to the way your body responds to fear.

As you’re in the midst of panic, your heart might be pounding, you may feel short of breath, you might like you are choking; you might start sweating, trembling, losing control, or even feeling like you’re dying. Many people who are panic feel like they need to escape the situation, but they are not able to do so.

There are incredible numbers of causes for these panic attacks as well. For some people it is genetic. For others it is related to things going on in their lives at the time. For still others it is related to things like medication or diseases. Diet is now thought of to be a cause of panic attacks for some people as well — especially candid over-growth or toxic metals.

When you begin acupuncture, you’ll probably start to discuss your case with your acupuncturist. From there, they can assess where there are imbalances in your body. They may find that you have a Qi (chi) deficiency. Anxiety Qi deficiency is usually found in the kidney or spleen meridians. Your acupuncturist will diagnosis and determine where to treat you.

They will use needles in various points on your body. Depending on where these points are, they may release endorphins and balance your hormones. There are even certain relaxations points that can reduce your anxiety and make you feel better all around.

Many acupuncturists will also evaluate your diet and exercise patterns, and make suggestions for change. Mainly, it is all about balancing your entire body so you can start to feel free from anxiety and panic attacks. They might prescribe herbs, exercise regimes, or dietary changes depending on the strength of the acupuncturist’s program.

Even if you’ve never considered acupuncture as a way to control panic attacks before, it is certainly a great holistic method try. Many acupuncturists will give you a free consultation so you can determine if it is right for you. Using acupuncture along with other holistic methods can end your panic attacks for good.

No matter which methods you try, it’s important that you do something as soon as possible to stop your anxiety disorder or panic attacks. There is no reason to live your life getting panic attacks all the time. Take control and change your life for the better.

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