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Acupuncture Miami treatment is probably the world’s most popular form of alternative medicine and it takes a direct experience of its potency to know why it is so.  The most common experience people who have had acupuncture are feelings of renewed energy, elation and calm and most importantly utter relief of pain.

Similar to conventional clinical procedures, initial consultation with an acupuncturist would entail a review and query regarding the patient’s medical history.  The acupuncturist looks at the patient’s history and then asks the patient the reason for his/her coming and what ailments does he/she feel.  Problems with sleep, back or neck pain, migraines, arthritis or chronic headaches are the usual complaints heard by the acupuncturist.  A physical examination, which involves analyzing the tongue, feeling the pulse in both hands and observing and smelling the urine of the patient among others, is done.  These procedures will enable the acupuncturist to come up with an accurate diagnosis and decide on whether acupuncture is the best treatment approach for the illness.  Once the acupuncturist determines acupuncture can effectively treat the patient, a technique as well as acupuncture points are selected.

The ancient Chinese through the practice of traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, believed that an energy or life force flows through all creatures.  This life force is called Qi or chi in Chinese.  A healer familiar with TCM can control this flow of energy within the body enabling chi to flow to parts of the body that have been undernourished with blood and chi.  This is done with acupuncture needles inserted at acupuncture points or acupoints that are connected to energy pathways called meridians, which in turn connects to major organs in the body.  Chi flows through the meridians, which sometimes develop obstacles caused by stress and other negative factors.  The needles remove the obstacle or divert chi to other pathways to once again flow freely throughout the body.  This allows the body to heal itself and recover from the energy deficiency.

Unlike prescribed or non-prescribed painkillers, acupuncture ventures to heal the source of the ailment, not merely mitigating the pain or the symptoms of the ailment.  The benefit one gets from acupuncture then is one of vitality, a pain-free life, satisfactory and adequate sleep and just a plain overall feeling of wellness.  Millions, probably billions of people have experienced acupuncture and since it has been a treatment used for thousands of years then it must be a very effective treatment for many types of illnesses and disorders.  For those suffering from chronic pain who have tried all types of treatment other than acupuncture, this treatment might be the answer to your prolonged suffering.  It is much safer and much more effective than painkillers and not habit forming.

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