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Moxibustion is an acupuncture Orlando technique that involves burning a mugwort herb or moxa to facilitate healing.  The moxa can be placed pinned on the holding tip of an acupuncture needle and allowed to burn itself out or set on the acupuncture point itself, burned and removed quickly before it singes the skin.  The former technique is called scarring and the latter one is termed non-scarring.

The aim of moxibustion therapy is to improve blood and chi flow to the affected or painful area and it serves as an analgesic and facilitates healing as well.  A weakness in kidney yang causes pain in the extremities, fatigue and back pains.  The heat that moxibustion gives addresses the imbalance in the body by stimulating the kidney yin to produce more body heat.

Eating warm, fresh and properly cooked foods like warm or hot soup is a good idea since it raises body heat level and helps in lessening ailments like back pain.  Eating protein packed foods and carbohydrates are likewise good ways to generate calories and high body heat.

Signs of low back pain due to cold damp weather often manifests in the back area through a heavy sensation and stiffness of the muscles.  The range of movement of the back muscles becomes curtailed with this type of condition.   Pain can spread from the back to the legs and there are times when a cold feeling may be felt along with the pain in the affected area.  The tongue produces a white, heavy sticky coating and the pulse is weak and deep or slow and deep.

Low back pain produced by kidney weakness often is seen as soreness and pain in the lower back.  The knees and loins feel weak and limp.  A yang deficient kidney would manifest cramp-like sensations in the lower part of the stomach along with cold limbs.  The tongue shows a pale-pink color while the pulse is slow and deep.  The throat and mouth show dryness, the face looks red and the chest has an uneasy sensation.  The tongue shows a bright red color with light coating while the pulse is either fast or weak.

Treatment by moxibustion and/or traditional acupuncture for low back pain begins by locating the foot-Taiyang and Du meridians.  These two energy vessels regulate the flow of blood and chi.  Moxibustion and acupuncture are used to address cold-damp type of back pain.  If the type of weakness of kidney yang is known, the needles are then used with moxibustion and the reinforcing process.  If kidney yin is lacking, only the reinforcing method is applied.

To avoid having low back pain, live in places that are not cold and damp.  Places like basements are to be avoided if you want to avoid developing low back pain.


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