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Crohn’s disease is an incurable chronic type of disease and even with today’s great leaps in medical technology and science and even if Crohn’s disease can be healed, there is still no known cure for this condition. There are different kinds of symptoms that may manifest this disease making it easy to diagnose it.

Crohn’s disease can produce symptoms that may directly affect the personal life and work of the sufferer – it can impact his/her quality of life as well. This disease can cause arthritis that can lead to pain in the large joints, cause lesions in the eyes, thrush in the mouth and create biological disturbance in the liver.

The drugs that are used to treat Crohn’s disease can end up causing side effects or other types of problems in the body. Different kinds of treatments are available to heal this condition but still no full-fledge treatment has ever been invented to cure it.

One of the more popular forms of alternative treatment for Crohn’s disease is acupuncture. This therapy can heal but cannot cure this disease. Originating in China, acupuncture has a lot of traditional therapies that can be used to treat a number of illnesses like Crohn’s disease.

Acupuncture works by stimulating energy channels in the body known as meridians and the nervous system. It is a treatment wherein ultrathin needles are inserted in various parts of the body to stimulate brain cells. The needles cause the body to release encephalins and endorphins. These two are the body’s own natural painkillers that strengthen the immune system of the body. They also help the mind to calm down and the body to relax. Acupuncture is considered to be the best way to heal psycho-physiological health conditions.

As mentioned before, acupuncture does not have any side effects on the body and is a very safe form of treatment. It is used to treat both irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease. Acupuncturists focus their treatment on the central nervous system processing, gastrointestinal motor and gastrointestinal sensory aspects to treat Crohn’s disease. The performance and effectiveness of the treatment may differ due to the manifested symptoms of each patient.

Nowadays among Western societies, acupuncture is widely accepted for curing certain kinds of bowel infections and gastrointestinal conditions. Even if there is scarcity of evidence showing acupuncture’s effectiveness in treating Crohn’s disease due to limited studies done, it can be stated that acupuncture therapy combined with other conventional and alternative modalities can effectively treat the symptoms of Crohn’s disease.


Scott Paglia is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist in Bellingham, WA and provides master level pulse diagnosis, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in Whatcom County, WA.

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