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Carpal tunnel syndrome used to be a rare ailment prior to the computer age.  Nowadays it commonly affects people who often use the computer for their everyday activities.  This condition strikes the hands and fingers and is caused by the repetitive actions of keyboard encoding in an improper way.  The nerve affected by this condition is the median nerve which becomes compressed in the carpal tunnel.   The carpal tunnel is a very thin path located on the wrist’s underside.  The effect is discomfort caused by pain as well as numbness and tingling sensation on the affected area.  The pain can strike the ring, index and thumb fingers.  Sometimes carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to loss of feeling in the affected area as well.

When you start to feel the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome, you need to immediately replace your keyboard with one that is ergonomically designed.  This kind of keyboard is often split into two or three units spreading outward.  You can adjust this keyboard in a position that makes it convenient and easy to use.

When using a regular keyboard the proper setting of the hands must be aligned perpendicularly with the keyboard.  When using an ergonomic keyboard both forearms and the hands can be aligned with the keyboard greatly minimizing stress on the wrist.  It may take a while to get used to using an ergonomic keyboard and typing speed may likewise suffer; however, all these is worth it when you consider the severe pain that you might develop from using a regular keyboard.

For carpal tunnel syndrome, acupuncture Linwood is considered a good treatment for this condition.  It helps treat the painful condition for many people while it may not work for all people though.  Not all people benefit from acupuncture therapy.   Chinese acupuncture believes that pain is the result of energy blockages of energy vessels in the body.  The Chinese call these vessels as meridians and they are the pathways where energy called chi travels throughout the body.  Through the application of very thin needles into points that associate with the meridians, the affected meridians become unblocked allowing chi to normally flow once more removing the pain.  Modern theory of acupuncture states that the needles help produce and release natural pain killing chemicals in the blood stream as well as boost blood circulation in the affected area and regulate the nervous system.  Acupuncture treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome often involves the use of needles in the arms, wrists and hands where the pain resides.  The neck and upper back can also be inserted with needles if the condition affects these body areas since nerves in those areas can also be inflamed by carpal tunnel syndrome making the pain radiate from arms and hands to the upper back and neck of the person.

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