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Insomnia, from a Chinese medicine standpoint, is caused by excessive underlying elements and conditions in the body the most common of which are heart fire, liver fire, and food stagnation. Insomnia can also be a manifestation of other deficiencies in the body including blood deficiency, heart yin deficiency, and qi deficiency.

It is important that the heat is cleared if one wants to treat insomnia using Chinese medicines. For this, a concoction known as Emperor’s Tea would suffice. Made up of a combination of various nourishing and sedating properties, this tea clears heat from the body, resulting in complete relaxation. As everybody knows, relaxation is a precondition for sleeping soundly. Other potent Chinese medicinal herbs other than the Emperor’s Tea such as Mien Pien and An Shen Bu Hsincan be used for treating insomnia.

One of the best Chinese medicine treatments for insomnia is acupuncture in Miami. The use of hair-thin acupuncture needles placed on selected acupuncture points can calm and relax the patient enough to make him/her feel sleepy. These acupoints are located on the wrists, between the eyebrows, and on the ear. In order to be at the best and most appropriate time to fall asleep, it is best that acupuncture treatment be requested by the patient late in the afternoon. This is an ideal time to undergo acupuncture for insomnia as it will induce a refreshing, deep, and peaceful sleep all throughout the night.

For folks who think that the notion of being stuck with needles as something they are not looking forward to, they could opt for an equally powerful needleless therapy known as acupressure. The modes and elements of treatment between acupuncture and acupressure are the same although instead of being pricked with needles, acupressure uses painless pressure on the acupointwith a relative amount of force.

The five elements of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are wood, metal, water, fire, and earth. The entire principle of Chinese treatment procedures revolve around the correct circulation of energy throughout the energy pathways of the body called meridians. Another factor for achieving ideal health is the proper interaction of the body organs with each other.

In treating insomnia, common Chinese herbal remedies such as chamomile, passionflower, lavender, and lemon balm can be used. These herbs can be made into teas and served as ideal home remedies for insomnia. These treatments are considered natural cures for insomnia since they are naturally occurring.

AnShen Bu Hsiin Wan Insomnia Treatment

This herbal remedy can easily and quickly treat a person’s sleep disorder.
The main active ingredient in this concoction is Mother of pearl shells and it has the power to calm the spirit and settle the heart. To get enough sleep every time you want to relax, take An Shen Bu Hsin Wan pills thrice a day. If indigestion or stomach upset occurs, discontinuetreatment.

Emperor’s Tea Insomnia Treatment

Toxins in the yin and the heart blood can be removed with Emperor’s tea. This tea also has the ability to resolve heat deficiencies. The active ingredient of emperor’s tea is extracted from schizandra berries which also helps strengthens the body’s resistance to diseases. This tea can also enhance the capacity of the body to handle stress.

For long-lasting results, eight pills of Emperor’s tea thrice a day should be taken for up to a month.

An Mien Pien Treatment

There are two active ingredients in an An Mien Pien pill: the polygaia root and the ziziphus seed. They both have nourishing, hypnotic, and sedative effects on the body, while they calm the heart at the same time. An Mien Pien also can treat restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia. For best results, take 4 tablets thrice a day.

More important than these powerful Chinese medicine treatments,is the need to modify one’s lifestyle in order to cure the problem. Before you sleep, don’t eat sweets or take caffeine. Also, during the night, you need to avoid any stimulation that may keep you awake. This means there should be no TV or computer at night because they could disturb your sleep or prevent you from falling asleep.

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