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When you are practicing Tai Chi Chen moves, you may use various types of Tai Chi weapons. When people think of Tai Chi Chen, they usually imagine people in a transitive state, sort of like in a stance, slowly moving in a sort of ritualistic dance. We often think that Tai Chi is just for old people who aren’t able to practice real martial arts. This is actually far from the truth. While movement is ritualistic and slow in Tai Chi Chen, it possesses a lot of spiritual, body, and mental benefits that can be actualized by beginners and experts alike. Most people, however, are unaware that Tai Chi can also be performed using a wide array of weapons. For example, the Tai Chi sword is a popular Kung Fu weapon that’s used in Tai Chi practice. The Tai Chi sword is used as an extension of your hands which transfers the energy from your body into the lethal weapon itself. It’s a marvelous option to the weaponless Tai Chi practice although care should be taken so that you don’t injure yourself while performing this very old oriental art form.

How to Use the Sword of Tai Chi Chen

For those learning Tai Chi Chen with the intent of using a Tai Chi sword, we do not recommend that you just pick up a weapon and start brandishing it around. You’ve got to follow certain fundamentals and techniques that accompany the use of the Tai Chi sword. Some of you may be learning Tai Chi through books and video tapes; however, learning from an actual Tai Chi master is the best way, bar none, to learn how to use a Tai Chi sword. There are several Tai Chi classes that can teach you how to practice using weapons, but that doesn’t certainly make them superior to the unarmed version. All are from the same martial art, although learning tai chi with a Tai Chi sword is a more advanced form of Tai Chi Chen.

Before anyone learns using the Tai Chi sword, they should first become well versed in the moves of Tai Chi. It’s only by learning the Tai Chi body, foot, and hand movements can anyone hope to integrate them whilst also wielding a sword at the same time. You can be taught how to use the other weapons involved with Tai Chi once you’ve become an expert at the unarmed version of Tai Chi movement. This includes the sword of Tai Chi and the other weapons of Tai Chi.

When you use the sword of Tai Chi, it’s just like practicing Tai Chi movements unarmed. You go through the ebb and flow of the mind and body’s natural energy, learning the yin and the yang, and the same fluid moves of Tai Chi. however, when you practice with the Tai Chi sword, it can help you to better understand a number of the Tai Chi movements itself. You’ll be able to transfer the energy into the sword’s blade, thinking of the sword as merely an extension of your arm. This will make it a very lethal and powerful weapon indeed.

The main reason why people practice with a sword is not so much they’re out to deliberately hurt someone with a weapon, it’s more of a way for them to meditate better where one gets in touch with their inner soul – spirit, body, and mind, as one cohesive unit. The sword merely turns into an extension of that and can function like a lightning rod, transferring effectively even more inner energy into a person’s body than they’d be able to realize with the unarmed version of this powerful art.

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