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One of the most powerful tools for nourishing longevity and staying young is Qi gong. But how does this treatment work?

Qi Gong Builds Suppleness and Internal Strength

Qi gong, unlike conventional western-style exercise, trains the body’s vital energy to revitalize the internal organs in order to prolong youthful appearance and promote balanced health.

The spleen, in Chinese medicine, is the organ believed to be responsible for the muscles of the body. The spleen organ can be stimulated by specific gong movements through its affiliated energy channels. So, when a person does movements that are designed to stimulate the spleen, his/her muscles can become supple and more youthful, resulting in a healthier and younger looking skin which helps reduce and prevents wrinkles (particularly on the face).

Since Qi gong involves deep breathing, greater amounts of oxygen are taken in by the body during the exercise and they enter the bloodstream which helps regenerate the internal organs on a cellular level.

On an energetic level, it is believed said that our Jing or essential energy, which resides in the kidney organs, is the factor responsible for youthfulness. The energy of the kidneys is replenished by certain Qi gong movements. This is the reason why a lot of qi gong masters possess incredibly strong and healthy kidneys and they seem to be untouched by time.

Qi Gong Means Rejuvenated Brain Cells

In the University of California at Irvine,scientists found out that when qi is generated by qi gong masters, within the brain,a greater perfusion of blood happens.

The brain cells are nourished when there is a greater perfusion of blood. This helps prevent mental and cognitive conditions related to aging such as dementia. So, when you perform qi gong, it can help maintain the vibrancy and youth of your mind and brain.

Qi Gong Holds Off Issues that Prematurely Age the Body

People who practice qi gong tend to experience greater states of relaxation. This means that people practicing it are able to avoid health problems caused by stress (immunity imbalances, high blood pressure, and premature graying, and many others).

Qi gong Resolves and Manages Health issues that Age the Body

One of the most effective types of Qi gong activity for cancer is circle walking. Cancer causes premature aging and cellular break down. Head instructor of the qi gong program at Stanford University, Dr Arnold Tayam, has adopted a special type of Qi gong circle walking that leads to greater states of rejuvenation and relaxation which aids in accelerated healing among cancer patients.

Qi Gong Nourishes Both the Body and the Spirit

The movement and meditation practiced in Qi Gong tend to promote a connection with a higher power.

A study conducted at the University of California headed by immunologist David Felton, MD discovered that the immune system can be strengthened by spiritual practices.

As a type of spiritual practice, qi gong can help boost the immune system,restoring its balance and preventing issues such as rheumatoid arthritis usually connected to aging although juvenile forms can also happen.

Qi Gong Produces Youthful Bones

The bones are nourished by Qi gong in a couple of ways. First, it helps beef up the kidney organs, which Chinese medicine practitioners believe govern the bones. This helps the bones mend faster and helps prevent the development of osteoporosis and bone degeneration. Qi Gong has certain movements that lead to an isometric strengthening effect on the fascia and bones.

I used to have a patient aged 74 years old who performs qi gong daily. After undergoing ankle surgery, she was able to have her cast removed two weeks ahead of schedule. This is because her bones healed quite rapidly compared to other patients who do not do qi gong and were even half her age.

To sum it up, qi gong can lead to longevity and greater states of youthfulness. This is due to the nourishment of the bone and muscle systems and the internal organs. Qi gong also leads to greater spiritual and mental balance.

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