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Many workers in the U.S. suffer from high strung tension in most aspects of their lives.  However, nothing is as more stress filled as the workplace where today uncertainty about the future is in the minds of almost all working Americans. Government statistics have shown about one in four workers have experienced so much emotional tension that they have completely broken down because of it.  Corporations have downsized almost half a million workers during the last 8 months alone and for those who have lost their jobs, the fear and uncertainty of the future have added to their already overflowing miseries.  Even for those who are still employed, stress can come in the form of worrying that the next person out of work might be him/her.  Below are some advices to better handle stress and achieve positive and productive relationships:

1. Give – All people experience stress although some may have more than others.  You can always find a person worse off than you.  To kill two birds in one stone, one can help the more disadvantaged and feel a sense of lightness doing so.  Helping other people out for just a few hours of your time helps contribute in both your emotional and spiritual health and those whom you have helped.  It is not only those whom you’ve helped who will thank you, you yourself will be thankful for the opportunity you have given yourself to be able to help others.  This greatly contributes in the removal of tension in your life and a betterment of your relationships.

2. Stop arguing via text messages or emails – Technology was not meant to worsen a person’s life but to better it.  If there is any ongoing hostility between you and another person try to talk it out by phone if you think a face-to-face meeting may not be a good idea.  Allow yourself a certain time limit to move on if you think that there is no common ground you both can stand on.

3. Create a list of pros and cons of the relationship and the problem – Doing this can put things in their proper perspective.  This list may help realize your shortcomings and pluses to the relationship and you can work on the shortcomings to make the relationship better.  Regarding work, you can appreciate it knowing that at least you still have a job even if it’s not your dream job.  If you think that the stress the relationship or the job gives you is too much, then you can decide to change your life for the betterment of your health.

4. Try acupuncture to help relieve stress – Acupuncture  Bellmore  works by allowing endorphins to flood the blood stream.  People who have tried acupuncture treatment performed by a licensed and experienced acupuncturist come back for more because of its relaxing and soothing effect.  This treatment is a great way to help you live a normal healthy and stress-free life.

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