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In Chinese, amenorrhea or absence of menstruation is called Bi Jing. Bi and Jing translate to ‘closed’ and ‘menstruation’ respectively. There are two kinds of amenorrhea:

1. Primary Amenorrhea – This relatively rare form of amenorrhea occurs when a woman who has reached 17 years of age has yet to experience a menstruation. Primary amenorrhea can be due to an eating disorder, a serious health … Continue reading

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Amenorrhea is a disorder that involves the menstrual cycle of a woman distinguished by the absence of any menstruation. This condition strikes about two percent to five percent of women in the United States. It can indicate health problems for women who are not going through menopause or for women who are not pregnant.

Types of Amenorrhea

There are two types of amenorrhea:

Primary Amenorrhea … Continue reading

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When a lady experiences zero monthly periods for over three to four months, she is suffering from a condition known as amenorrhea. A growing number of women are turning to acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to have their amenorrhea treated.

Amenorrhea, according to biomedicine, is the absence of menstruation and other characteristics pertaining to sex (i.e., pubic hair and breast development) in females around … Continue reading

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A woman who is still not in pre-menopause has amenorrhea when she does not experience any menstruation at all.   If a female does not undergo menstruation by the time she reaches 16 years of age, her amenorrhea is termed as primary amenorrhea. Secondary amenorrhea, on the other hand, means that the woman (if she is not breastfeeding, not in menopause or not pregnant) has not … Continue reading