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In a release of a recent clinical study’s results on the effectiveness of acupuncture for the relief of dysmenorrhea pain in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the positive effects of this millennia-old Chinese alternative therapy were verified. The positive reaction of patients suffering from menstrual pain who were administered with acupuncture treatment in Pem demonstrated the high level of efficacy of this treatment.

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There are different strategies a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner can take when it comes to dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea or painful menstruation treatment primarily focuses on the main complaint of the patient: pain during menstruation. This condition is considered acute and needs to be immediately addressed over any other symptoms. Not only do TCM practitioners address the pain and other overlying symptoms of dysmenorrhea, they also … Continue reading

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A woman usually experiences dysmenorrhea for the first time when she has her first menstrual period. This typically is about the age of 12. Severe cramping is experienced by about 40% of cases while around 50% will experience mild abdominal pains. Other serious conditions such as cancer, endometriosis, scar tissue in the uterus and tumors may develop in around 10% of these young women.

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