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If we talk about low back pain, we would realize that 80% of Americans are dealing or have dealt with this condition at some point in their lives. With quite a lot of individuals suffering from this problem, none should be surprised that treatments for low back pain such as acupuncture have become so popular. To its credit, Western science accepts acupuncture as a bona fide treatment for all types of low back pain problems from numerous studies that have been conducted throughout the years.

Conventional Treatments vs. Acupuncture

Medical reviews reveal that acupuncture is a good option for treating back problems and a also a viable treatment for pain related to sciatic pain. The fact is, studies suggest that this treatment gives superior relief of pain compared to conventional (Western) therapies for back pain. Both the American College of Physicians and American Pain Society recommend acupuncture when conventional medical treatments fail.

Why Acupuncture is Very Effective in Treating Back Pain in Portland

Acupuncture’s origin can be traced to Ancient China way back to the Stone Age 6,000 years ago. This healing technique is done with the use of filiform needles into selected energetic points found all over the body. Based on the teachings of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), the human body has more than 365 acupuncture points scattered throughout it. Inside the body, a life force known as Chi or Qi, flows through energy channels known as meridians that are connected to the acupuncture points (acupoints) like a grid. When a needle is inserted into the proper acupoints, it jumpstarts physiological processes that leads to the clearing up of blockages to chi flow and corrects imbalances resulting in enhanced overall health and the alleviation of pain.

In the realm of medical science, scientists believe that acupuncture alleviates pain because this treatment stimulates the central nervous system into releasing chemicals into the spinal cord, muscles, and the brain. Some researchers believe that these chemicals either actually change the way pain is experienced and/or felt or generate an overall sense of well-being within the body.

Some suggest that acupuncture accelerates the electromagnetic signals in the body which stimulates endorphins and other such chemicals that help relieve pain and can even positively impact the immune system cells of the body. Some believe that acupuncture changes the chemistry of the brain altogether via the release of neurotransmitters and neurohormones throughout the entire body or helps discharge natural opioids from the brain to the bloodstream. Both of these lead to the reduction of pain.

Things to Consider When Getting Acupuncture

Fast becoming one of the most sought after treatments for low back pain, acupuncture is a very potent modality that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has excluded acupuncture needles from the category “experimental medical devices” and is now in charge of all acupuncture practices within the US.

If you decide to go for acupuncture for your low back pain or other back issues, you need to take some things into consideration and do a bit of research about the treatment. You should seek a licensed or qualified acupuncturist who has the title, L.Ac., at the end of his/her name. This title means that the practitioner is certified by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine).

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Acupuncture is A Promising Treatment Option

A lot of people suffering from back pain may still be unaware that there are less well-known pain treatment methods that are as equally effective, if not much better than pain medications for the resolution of their ailment. One such lesser known but rapidly rising form of low back pain treatment is acupuncture. If you know what efforts need to be done to avoid back surgery, then acupuncture can be your one great hope for long-term treatment or even complete cure of your low back pain.

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture treatment is grounded on the Chinese medicine belief of the existence of Qi (pronounced chee) or vital energy that flows inside the body. A healthy unhindered Qi flow signals good health while the disruption of this flow is known to lead to pain, ailment, disorder, or disease. Acupuncture for the treatment of low back pain is extremely effective although it may not be as potent a treatment it ought to be when the back pain is due to a structural issue in the body. Acupuncture helps address the imbalances of Qi flow at predetermined acupoints on the skin.

To create a trust in a belief or idea, one must know where its origins come from. A gift that can treat a number of health conditions, acupuncture tracks its origins as far back as 4000 years ago in China. Western medicine has never considered this therapy as a mainstream form of medicine although it has gained ground in recent years in terms of adherents and practitioners due to its consistent positive results. Acupuncture became a household word in the United States in the 1970s during the administration of President Nixon. It became a popular form of treatment in Europe in the 16th century when it was introduced by Jesuit priests who did missionary work in China. It has proven to be a powerful treatment for millions of sufferers of low back pain throughout the centuries.

In acupuncture, the body is treated through the stimulation of specific points on the skin known as acupuncture points or acupoints, for short. The traditional form of acupuncture involves the use of fliform needles imbedded into the skin to stimulate nerve endings known as meridians. Right now, the most studied form of acupuncture is the one where wires that carry mild pulses of electricity from an external source are attached to the imbedded needles to augment the effects of the treatment in order to produce fast and more powerful results.

In the United States, the acupuncture industry is thriving. There are several forms of acupuncture being offered by various acupuncturists in different parts of the Union. There are acupuncturists who practice the Korean form of acupuncture while some practice the Japanese or Chinese form of this therapy.

The Truth About the Needles Used in Acupuncture

The US FDA is the agency that regulates the use of acupuncture needles in the US under proper manufacturing practices. They make it a point to ascertain that safety procedures such as single-use standards of sterility are implemented in order to prevent the rise of problems with regards to the practice of this modality.

It is important to note that certain issues may occur when one undergoes acupuncture treatment which brings us to the point that in order to avoid inadvertent injuries and accidents such as pneumothorax,( a condition in which the lung is accidentally punctured causing the lung to partially collapse) and other such eventualities, you need to seek out a qualified, licensed and well-skilled acupuncturist in Portland who is also able to provide you with the best results.

One other factor to consider is that one can also be infected with viral hepatitis and other infectious diseases in an acupuncture treatment which can severely affect the liver. This can happen if the acupuncturist does not practice proper hygienic procedures and if he/she does not sterile, single-use, disposable needles. Also proper care should be given to the patient in order to prevent the rise of side effects that can occur because of poor training and hygiene on the part of the acupuncturist. These side effects may involve bacterial infections at the acupoint where an unsterilized needle is inserted into the skin.

Some Other Information About Acupuncture

-Research is required to properly understand the role acupuncture plays in health care
-Pain sufferers can benefit greatly from acupuncture as it is extremely effective in the alleviation of all ailments including low back pain.

Adults after surgery can find that acupuncture can lessen the vomiting and nausea of the person. The treatment can have the same effects for postoperative dental pain and chemotherapy.

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The ability to treat painful conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, chronic pain and pain in the lower back in Walla Walla is a huge reason why people seek out acupuncture treatment. For a lot of individuals, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture has been a powerful part of their treatment regimen for pain. The question is will it be an effective treatment for you as well?

Pain in Traditional Chinese Medicine

From the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), joint pain and/or musculoskeletal pain is known as bi syndrome. In TCM terminology, bi signifies obstruction. The symptoms of the blockage will show qualities that cause you to feel hot, fixed, stabbing or achy pain. Certain people may positively react to exercise or movement while there are others who feel better after resting. A lot of joint and musculoskeletal disorders are sorted into a subcategory of bi syndrome. A correct diagnosis of the kind of bi a patient has guarantees the right choice of an herbal and acupuncture protocol to break and allay the blockage of blood and qi in the affected area.

Acupuncture and Back Pain – How it Works

Acupuncture is a medical procedure that helps to eliminate and deactivate the trigger points (parts of localized inflammation and constriction). The acupuncturist inserts the needles based on the pain patterns manifested by the patient. The use of acupuncture along with other TCM modalities facilitates healing in a two pronged way:

1. First when the stagnation, local congestion and inflammation are relieved, pain is alleviated as well.

2. Next, after the restoration of local circulation, the muscular structure, discs and tendons are nourished that bring back the body to a more mobile and pain-free state.

According to TCM, certain muscles may manifest pain patterns in parts of the body that may not be directly affected by inflammation or constriction. Licensed acupuncturists are trained in trigger point deactivation procedures and are capable of identifying these patterns. They then insert needles both in distal and nearby areas associated with the pain. This procedure enables them to tap on the meridian system of the body that will treat local pain while at the same time address deeper power currents inside the body to treat the origin of back pain.

Studies Show Acupuncture as Effective in Treating Back Pain

The Archives of Internal Medicine recently posted a study showing how effective acupuncture is in relieving back pain compared to traditional treatments. This study involved 638 subjects all having back pain. They were divided into four groups with 2 groups given acupuncture, one group given placebo acupuncture (the skin was stimulated but not pierced), and the last receiving no acupuncture at all but were given instead treated with certain conventional treatments (physical therapy or drugs).

The two groups given acupuncture and some form of it showed better and more substantial improvement in their back pain compared to the group given physical therapy and medications.

There was little difference between the results of needle acupuncture and placebo acupuncture and this created some questions as to how acupuncture really works and what is it about the therapy that brings about recovery. The study showed 60% of those given acupuncture showed marked improvement while just 39% of the usual-care group subjects manifested real improvements in their back pain/

Why use Acupuncture for your Low Back Pain?

At some point in their lives, about 85% of people living in the United States will experience back pain. An estimated $40 billion will be spent each year for health care to address back pain. People suffering from this exhausting and chronic condition know that good and really safe modalities are needed for back pain. Acupuncture is one of the safest and inexpensive treatments one can use for his/her condition.

There are acupuncturists who do specialize in treating chronic pain and if you suffer from low back pain, this is the kind of specialist you need to have yourself treated. A lot of patients are still skeptical about acupuncture since this therapy is not really encouraged by western medicine. However, more and more evidence have shown that it can be a powerful tool in treating pain and creating a long-term treatment plan regimen to successfully help patients feel pain-free, happy and healthy.

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Discovering other forms of pain treatment is one way back pain sufferers can help themselves better handle and understand their condition. One of the best and most successful methods of treating low back pain is acupuncture. If your back pain is so severe that you are seriously considering surgery, you need to try acupuncture first as it may be the most effective back pain treatment you will ever try.

What Is Acupuncture?

The principle in which the practice of acupuncture is based on involves the existence of a vital energy (life energy) known as Qi or Chi.  When Chi flows throughout the body in a normal way, the body is in good health and is properly balanced as well. This principle implies that the disruption of Chi flow is suspected to be responsible for a health condition. In order to clear the disruption, acupuncture is performed that will allow Chi to flow normally once more as well as help correct imbalances in the body.

You need to understand the origin of something before you can believe or put your trust in it. Acupuncture is a type of healing procedure that is uniquely Chinese in origin and has been practiced for well over 2,500 years.  Acupuncture was virtually unheard of in the States and it became only popular after President Richard M. Nixon visited China in 1972.

The manner in which acupuncture treats a condition is that it stimulates certain points in the body known as acupuncture points. There are many types of acupuncture but the most researched is the needling procedure in which metallic, solid, thin needles penetrate the skin and are either manipulated manually or are charged with mild pulses of electricity.

Acupuncture is now a very common medical procedure in America, although a lot of the methods used by US acupuncturists are derived from the traditional practices of Korea, Japan, China and other countries.

Information about Acupuncture Needles

The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) decided to exclude acupuncture from the classification of “experimental medical devices” and because of this, the administration deemed it was important to regulate the use of acupuncture needles based on single-use standards of sterility and on the guidelines of good manufacturing practices, which are both applied as well to the overseeing of surgical scalpels and hypodermic syringes.

One important thing to stress out is that most common serious injuries are the needle puncture of the lung. This can lead to pneumothorax which is the partial collapse of the lung. One other point that should be noted is that that the infection most commonly occurring in the use of acupuncture treatments is hepatitis caused by a virus. This can result in the liver being severely infected.

Care needs to be also afforded the patient to prevent any negative side effects that are often due to poor training as well as poor hygiene of the acupuncturist. Bacterial infections can also occur at the acupuncture point where the needle was inserted and on other parts of the body.

Some Notable Things to Mention Regarding Acupuncture Treatment

-More research is required to understand more the role acupuncture plays in health care as well as to forge a clearer understanding of how acupuncture really works.

-For thousands of years, acupuncture has given low back pain sufferers (and other individuals suffering from pain) freedom from their condition and a new life. This treatment is also effective in healing several types of conditions.

-Acupuncture is a very powerful tool in the treatment of postsurgical vomiting and nausea. It is also a potent remedy for the side effects caused by post-operative dental pain and chemotherapy.


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It is also one of the biggest reasons why people fail to show up at work and other activities. Low back pain will be experienced by most people in the United States at some point in their lives.

People may experience pain for a lot of reasons. Pain is usually brought about by diseases, structural deformities and trauma. Diseases that might lead to pain can include osteoporosis and ankylosing spondylitis. Structural problems that can likely cause pain and also more chronic problems include vertebral deformities, stenosis and herniated discs while trauma due to injuries and strains usually will likely generate pain.

Symptoms and Signs

There may be a broad range of symptoms and signs for low back pain. There often is pain experienced in the lumbar part of the back. Oftentimes, it may be merely muscular and localized pain. There can be pain that may travel down the legs. There can be several complaints that can include numbness, spasmodic pain, throbbing pain, dull pain and stabbing pain. One may experience pain that may travel to the toes causing them to become numb. Some types of back pain can be so debilitating that one may find it very hard to walk. Usually, particularly, if arthritis is involved, one’s back pain can flare up with changes in the weather.

Choices of Treatment

A person can have several treatment options for his/her back pain. Several of the more popular treatments are muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory medications. A lot of times the spinal cord can feel so bad that surgery is needed. One other modality that has been proven to ideally work for low back pain is traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Acupuncture is actually a part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It works perfectly for the resolution of low back pain. TCM sees the body differently than Western medicine. TCM states that vital energy known as Qi travels through the body along meridians or energy channels. Whenever Qi and other substances within the body become unbalanced, then health conditions usually develop. In the case of low back pain there can be external pathogens such as cold and wind, qi deficiency and stagnation of blood and qi that can cause pain. TCM practitioners and acupuncturists believe that one of the meridians and major organs affected is the kidney meridian. Acupuncture is utilized to help restore balance in the body and allow qi to flow normally once more thus enabling the body to heal itself.

Acupuncture is a very good option for treating chronic and acute low back pain. With acute pain, just a few sessions of acupuncture therapy is needed to cure the pain. For chronic back pain, the course of treatment may take a little longer and usually patients will need to return for preventative or maintenance treatments. Acupuncture is effective for low back pain conditions such as arthritis, stenosis, herniated discs and sciatica.