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Treatments and Drugs Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)

In order to address FSD related to an underlying medical condition, your doctor may require you to:

Use techniques for treating pelvic pain or other pain issues
Treat your anxiety or depression
Treat a hormonal problem like a thyroid condition
Change or adjust medicines that cause sexual side effects

Addressing FSD associated to a hormonal problem can include:… Continue reading

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People suffering from sexual dysfunction that may seem chronic or long-lasting are highly susceptible to emotional problems like depression. The impact of the sexual problem for both the person and his/her partner needs to be known since if not properly addressed, the sexual dysfunction of one partner can result in arguments and conflicts that may end up in a relationship breakup.

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Sexual dysfunction in both men and women can entail certain biological, psychosocial and relationship risk factors.  Oftentimes this problem can be a combination of these risk factors.  The biological risk factors can be direct or indirect in nature.

Regarding direct biological risk factors, there are a lot of factors that affect the sexual health of the person. They can include:

Medications – The side effects … Continue reading