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Tai Chi Chua means “the supreme” (Tai), “ultimate” (Chi) and “fist” (Chuan). Tai Chi Chuan is actually a type of martial art despite its being renowned as just a gentle form meditation exercise. Tai Chi is both powerful and effective when used as a martial art. It takes lots practice to even glean more so when you learn that in Tai Chi, the major aim is to use the power of your mind combined with the power and energy of your body to unleash force in whatever direction you want.

Tai Chi’s benefits are enormous and include enhanced well-being, balance, posture, circulation, and coordination. Since it is performed with a relaxed focus and in a slow manner, the nervous system becomes calmer which also makes you so. This contemplative effect allows you to gain a clearer perspective mentally and this can only be a huge advantage for you in today’s fast and frenetic world. Actually, the stress busting qualities of Tai Chi is one of the biggest reasons people decide to practice Tai Chi as it gives them a true sense of emotional, physical, and spiritual health and a calmer mind.

Tai Chi originated thousands of years ago and so it had quite a time to evolve and develop into the therapeutic and martial art technique we now know. This gradual course of change that tai chi has gone through over the millennia is reflected in the way it is practiced, i.e. at a contemplative pace with no need to hasten rush to finish its engrossing and intricate motions. Its flow and softness allow you relax, but a type of relaxation that rejuvenates your entire being. People buzz with Chi (vital energy) at the end of a Tai Chi class, as this technique promotes the flow of your Chi and blockages and tension just seem to melt away. It all sounds extremely beautiful and blissful, which it actually is although you may need to put a little effort in to it to gain great results.

It’s difficult to fully understand that something so elegant and graceful is sometimes used to defend you from physical attacks, but then again there is an old Chinese proverb that says ‘the best fighters are the ones that never fight.’ This means there is no need for conflict if there are no enemies externally or internally. Tai Chi is based on Taoist philosophy. This includes the principle that all conflict only gets worse if you fight force with force. To overcome any situation, Tai Chi teaches you to be flexible and yielding. This can reduce the potential for conflict leaving room for dialogue and negotiation.

When you make it a habit to practice tai chi on a daily basis, you have gained a significant advantage in the way you enhance the physical, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of your life.

Part of tai chi physiological aspect includes the influence it has on our joints, lymphatic system, and brain. Recent neurological studies have revealed that practicing tai chi spurs the brain to function more effectively. This in part is due to the increase of oxygenated blood going to the brain (as the breathing exercises performed in tai chi strengthens lung elasticity and capacity) and partly also due to the calming contemplative effect of tai chi which alters the frequency of the brains from normal active waking waves (beta waves) to awake and receptive between sleep waves that are associated with a better ability to remember and learn (alpha waves).

Partly responsible for the detoxification of blood, the lymphatic system is activated by tai chi’s gentle muscular work. The relaxed soft motions massage the lymph nodes boosts the immune system and improve the function of the lymphatic system. The parts of the body where pains and aches often occur are the joints and so it’s important at any age maintain healthy active joints. Because the load that the joints of the body have to bear is kept in strong alignment throughout, the function and health of the body is protected whilst the flow of blood in and around the joints is enhanced.

Scott Paglia is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist in Bellingham, WA and provides master level pulse diagnosis, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in Whatcom County, WA.

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