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The system of Chinese Movements related with mental peace and health other than physical fitness has a very long history that goes as far back as 2,500 years ago. Tai Chi was created to provide human beings with a peaceful life and keep them healthy. This type of physical meditation has movements that have been developed by several ancient dynasties of China.

The art of Tai Chi Chuan was initially developed by Chan San Feng that was then continued by Chang Sung Chi. The forms of Tai Chi were made by Chen Chou Tung and Wang Chung Yuet for which they established the Southern School of Tai Chi while the Northern School was founded by Chiang Fe. Some of the forms and movements related to with Tai Chi were also developed by Cheng Yung Heng. The old Tai Chi school was founded in 1771 by Chen Yau Pun while Tai Chi Chen Gen Yur was founded by Cheng Chang Hsing. Sometime after, the Yang School for Tai Chi was established by Yang Lu-Chan.

It is also worth mentioning that the legendary founder of Tai Chi was a monk from the Wu Tang Monastery. The basic “thirteen postures” of Tai Chi was developed by Yin Yang. In 1600 B.C., Taoism was born.

The emperor Fu Hsi Huang Ti and great philosophers of the Han dynasty periods like Chang Tsu and Lao Tsu have also contributed significantly to the development of Tai Chi. Wang Ching Yuch and Feng of the Ming and Sung dynasty as well as Yang Lu Chan of Ching dynasty have been greatly responsible for the increase of popularity and the improvement of the forms and movements of Tai Chi. In Liand and Cheng-Mang Ching during the modern era have been mainly responsible for the upkeep of this glorious and ancient art of China. All the Chinese emperors are chronologically responsible for the key progress of Tai Chi. This type of physical meditation is not only a way to mental peace and physical growth it is the culture of China itself, as a whole. It is a prime example of Chinese heritage and culture.

Amy-SuiQun Lui is a licensed acupuncturist in Cleveland, OH, and the founder and clinical director of Asian Health Center.

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