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Acupuncture Palm Harbor is a proven procedure to effectively take away body pain.  It is also is effective in controlling and minimizing aches that keep on recurring and will not go away.  People suffering from these types of body discomfort are looking for ways to relieve, control or manage the ache.  What one needs to do first is to go to a doctor who can devise a plan to help you address this problem.  Here are some tips that can help you help yourself to address this body ache problem.

1. Ascertain the type of soreness you feel.  Find out where the pain originates and what other parts of the body are affected.

2. Determine what factors make the sore areas worse or better.

3. Know what factors lowers your threshold for pain.  Does your health worsen when you are in heavy stress, when you are tired or when you are cold?  Knowing these determinants will help you go the right direction in treating your problem.

4. Know exactly the type of ache you feel.  Is it a crushing, burning, throbbing, aching, stabbing, sharp pain that you feel?

5. Remember and if possible write down the time and day your soreness began.  What triggered it and its effect on your daily life?

6. It is very important that your doctor knows all about your condition regardless if your doctor is Western trained or if he is an acupuncturist or a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine.

7.  The need for you to get adequate sleep is also important.  Allowing the body to rest helps tissues that are injured or damaged to heal quickly and properly.  Sleeping also revitalizes you to adequately cope with your pain and ache.  A 30 minute rest can also be quite helpful when battling body soreness.

8. Lessen stress in your daily life.  Stress from household duties, relationships, family and work can exacerbate the magnitude of your soreness and sickness.  There are great ways to reduce stress. You can perform breathing or relaxation exercises, meditation, yoga, chi kung, dao yin and tai chi among others to relax your mind and body.

The moods we have greatly influence the manner we see our discomfort and affect our pain threshold significantly. We can also say the same regarding the aches we always feel which make us depressed and irritable.

9. Modify your diet into one that is truly healthy for you.  A balanced diet consisting of seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits can make your mood much better.  You need to select foods that will not exacerbate your discomfort and so you need to ascertain which types of food are good for your condition.  Some vegetables may not be suitable for you.  Tomatoes and eggplants for example, worsen the arthritic pain of arthritic patients.

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