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Taijiquan aka Tai chi chuan is a type of defense art technique that has been used by the Chinese for decades to offer relief for a number of ailments and is based on thousands of years of Chinese culture. In a very simple performance of the practice, Tai chi chuan attempts to harmonize the mind and body. An expert practitioner of tai chi chuan has the power to channel his chi energy or inner “chi” through various parts of his body just by his will. It enables the practitioner to increase his physical stamina, strengthen his immune system, and boost his energy levels.

Like yoga, Tai chi chuan or simply tai chi, has gained huge popularity throughout the world and is now deemed to be an ideal alternative to conventional medical treatment for certain types of health issues and diseases. Some individuals believe that tai chi is similar to yoga because both strive to enhance a person‘s inner development as well as his or her health, which in turn, results in great benefits in the life of the practitioner. While tai chi grew out of Taoist philosophy (not religion) and the discipline of Chinese martial arts, yoga evolved out of the ancient Hindu religion of India.

Physical yoga is quite static and may necessitate extremely stretched poses; tai chi, on the other hand, is performed while moving and standing. The postures in Tai chi can be easily condensed or stretched to contain a wide variety of physical movements. Both practices have been tested by time and if properly practiced, both can help attain desired benefits. Tai chi has two special qualities that tip the balance in its favor in terms of being easily able to accommodate it to all body types and no special equipment or location is needed to practice it. Nonetheless, both practices offer natural options for physical and mental well-being.

Listed below are some tai chi benefits that make it so special:

1. It provides huge benefits for people suffering from musculoskeletal and nervous disorders
2. You don’t have to follow a religious view or a strict diet in order to perform it.
3. No special equipment is required.
4. Mobility issues can be meaningfully solved. It now is recommended by medical physicians for joint disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and multiple sclerosis.
5. Lipid profile can be reduced substantially and atherosclerosis can be averted.
6. Anyone regardless of and age can do it.

Tai chi forms are done while standing, hence it can be performed on practically any surface in practically any location.

Standard training can be learned with earnest to individuals who have a desire to learn it for self-defense or in order to get a vigorous athletic workout. Only a few instructors have the skill to teach it this way, so you may need to take private lessons, may need to travel far, or need to do some searching if this is your objective.

Tai chi can help your learn skills that will make your mood and mind stay positive and strong so that you can face challenges in life easily.

Traditional tai chi may entail the use of one’s intellect and may therefore not be suitable for those who do not have a mature mind or for children. It’s an ideal exercise for highly introspective and introverted individuals and is certainly liked by those who are very creative or those who like to think. This is also ideal for people who are not fond of physical training programs or for people who are more interested in the development of both their body and mind.

Ni Nan Gilbert is a licensed acupuncturist in Bellmore, NY with certification in Chinese Herbology and over 16 years experience in traditional Chinese medicine.

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