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In moxibustion therapy, acupuncturists will proceed to put blobs of moxa onto the tip of acupuncture needles stuck into selected acupuncture points in the body of the patient. The moxa is then light up. While this may cause some anxiety in patients, the ensuing warmth pervades deep into the body of the patient, replenishing his energy levels and relaxing his muscles.

As the needles cool down, it will feel like the concerns and stresses that had been bottled up inside that person have melted away.

If one continues receiving the therapy on a regular basis, he or she may eventually experience a very different type of heat that seems to get agonizingly hot.

That is a sign that your energy levels are reaching their optimum. You may recall the first time you you’ve received moxibustion – you were probably feeling damp and cold inside and it may have taken more than one lump of moxa on one needle for you to experience any warmth at all.

An integral branch of Spokane Traditional Chinese Medicine, moxibustion is a therapy that uses moxa derived from the mugwort plant. The mugwort is ripened and then mashed to a fluff by practitioners who compress and form into cones or balls of moxa.

The cones or balls are then directly placed on an acupuncture point or placed on the head of an acupuncture needle and burnt to generate penetrating and nourishing warmth, the same heat given to us by the sun.

Moxa may also be shaped into cigar like sticks that when lit, are used to heat up wide areas of the patient’s body. Basically, moxibustion is a deep relaxing heat therapy of Chinese Medicine. Direct moxibustion is one form of moxibustion that augments the efficacy of acupuncture especially when it’s administered on specific acupoints in conjunction with acupuncture. In Chinese Medicine, this is known as boosting the body or tonification. The extra heat manufactured provides patients with something “extra”. Hence, it is certainly beneficial for people who are suffering from depleted energy or are feeling run down.

The heat from the moxa produces a stimulating effect that also helps boost circulation. In Chinese medicine, this is known as movement of stuck energy or blood, or dispersal. This means moxibustion can be quite effective in addressing many of the various conditions attributed to women. Mugwort is also deemed an emmenagogue. This means this herb can stimulate the flow of blood to the uterus and pelvic region – hence, it definitely works for menstrual and gynecological problems.

Moxa generates a dry comforting heat much like the sun, which helps expel cold and dampness in the body, supports aging joints to fight against problems such as arthritis and rheumatism, and relieves pains and general aches.

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