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According to traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, for short, herbal treatment of tinnitus would depend on its ‘root’ cause and the Organ Systems involved. Vertigo and tinnitus have a number of possible underlying causes. Oftentimes, tinnitus due to Excess is aggravated by cupping the hands over the ears.

According to TCM, some of the more common patterns of tinnitus are as follows:

1. Imbalance of Liver-Spleen Vertigo and Tinnitus: Chronic Deficiency of Spleen Qi, if not addressed properly, can lead to Internal Dampness and when this Dampness is combined with Stagnating Liver Qi, causes tinnitus related to upward-rising Phlegm-Fire. A tinnitus of this sort is characterized by Liver symptoms and signs as well as cricket sounds, vertigo or dizziness, and a heavy head.

Treatment: Restore the Middle Way formula and Free and Easy Wanderer formula combined.

2. Tinnitus caused by Imbalances of Kidney-Liver: Chronic Stagnating Liver Qi is usually caused by Stagnation, often because of Liver Blood Deficiency or Yin Deficiency, may lead to tinnitus with symptoms of both Kidney Deficiency and Liver Excess.

Treatment: Easy Wanderer formula combined with Yin Valley formula.

3. Vertigo and Tinnitus due to Liver Excess: A sudden onset of tinnitus along with loud noises is usually caused by upward rising Liver-Fire rising related to emotional issues such as frustration or anger consequentially causing Internal Wind which is usually accompanied by dizziness. A tinnitus of this kind may lead to symptoms such as vertigo-dizziness and a painful sharp stabbing headache.

Treatment: Easy Wanderer formula combined with Peaceful Warrior formula for three months.

4. Tinnitus Associated with Imbalances in Kidney-Heart: The Water Element is closely associated with the Kidney and the Fire Element to the Heart, in Chinese medicine. To preserve wellness, it is important that the Fire and Water Elements are in balance. TCM believes that a breakdown in communication between the Heart and the Kidney energetic organ system can arise when one or both of the two organ systems is compromised. Tinnitus such as this leads to symptoms connected to Kidney Deficiency and Heart Blood Deficiency. These include anxiety characterized by a sense of impending doom, poor memory, insomnia, and/or palpitations.

Treatment: Blood Mansion formula along with Yin Valley formula.

5. Tinnitus due to Depleted Kidney-Essence: This is the most common type of tinnitus and is associated with aging. This type of tinnitus is characterized by low sound and a slow progressive onset of symptoms. Other symptoms include fear, sore knees and back, slight dizziness, and poor memory.

Treatment: Sage Mountain formula.

6. Tinnitus due to Deficient Kidney: This tinnitus is marked by a gradual onset of symptoms that includes a low sound that may be like a low ringing, a low buzz, or water rushing. Along with other symptoms of Deficient Kidney Yin, symptoms such as afternoon-evening sweats and/or hot flashes can also be experienced.

Treatment: Yin Valley formula. Other symptoms such as low sex drive, coldness, knee pain, and low back soreness or pain can arise. For these try Ancestor Treasure formula. In a lot of instances both Kidney Yin and Yang are exhausted and both Yin Valley formula and Ancestor Treasure formula can be used together at half strength.

Duration of Herbal Treatment

Several months of tonic herbal treatment may be required to resolve the Organ Level Deficiencies which are responsible for tinnitus; this may mean 8-10 months of continuous herbal application. In the meantime, if you have a hard time hearing, ask your family and friends to face you when they talk so you can see their faces. Observing their expressions can make you communicate with them much better. Request that they talk louder, without the need to shout. Ask them also that you’d rather have them talk clearly, not slowly.

Other Causes of Tinnitus

Usually related to several kinds of hearing loss, tinnitus is considered just a symptom of a certain condition that affects one’s hearing quality. Based on statistics provided by the American Tinnitus Association, there are over 12 million people in the United States suffering from tinnitus. A minimum of a million of them suffer from severe symptoms that it significantly affects their daily activities. These people usually find it difficult to sleep, work, and obviously, to hear.

In Western Medicine What are the Causes of Tinnitus?

– Pharmaceutical medications – There are over 200 medicines that can cause tinnitus. If you are taking medications and have tinnitus, ask your pharmacist or doctor if your medicine can be a factor.

– Loud noise – Overexposure to loud noise can lead to tinnitus as well as noise-induced hearing loss.

– Loss of hearing – Scientists and doctors found out that people with different kinds of hearing loss usually also suffer from tinnitus.

– Surgery and trauma

– Health problems – These can include problems in the neck, jaws, heart and blood vessels, tumors, and allergies.

Indulge in activities that can help you cope. A lot of tinnitus sufferers have discovered that listening to music can help lessen the severity of the symptoms. Turning to music can help mask the sound and make you forget about your condition for a while. Others tune in to the sounds of nature including cricket chirps, wind, or ocean waves.

Stay away from things that can worsen your tinnitus. These can include loud noise, alcohol, and smoking. If you have a job or activity that exposes you to loud noise on a daily basis (hunting, airport work, construction work, etc.), wear special earmuffs or earplugs to shield your ears or prevent your tinnitus from getting worse.

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