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Acupuncture in Jacksonville was invented in China more than 2500 years ago as a way to treat different kinds of illnesses and disorders.  It is a treatment where ultra thin needles are inserted at vital points in the body to regulate and allow the smooth flow of chi.  Sterile, stainless steel, single use, newly packaged disposable needles are used to prevent infection and are inserted at energy entrances called acupuoints to control chi flow and improve blood circulation.  The purpose is to create balance among the energies that comprise chi flow and aid the body in treating diseases.  Acupuncture is an established treatment for pain therapy and/or pain management and for treatment of assorted kinds of chronic disorders.  Acupuncture also increases body metabolism allowing for the efficient burning of fat and calories and is superior in weight loss treatment than diet programs or diet pills when it comes to safety and efficacy.  It also is a good way to cure sleeplessness, extreme emotions such as depression, anger or anxiety and substance abuse.

The kidneys play a key role the body’s overall health.  To understand the importance of the kidneys in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), an introduction to the concepts of yin and yang might be required.  To simplify the concept of yin and yang, they are the two complementary but opposing forces in chi, just like the positive and negative force in electricity.  Chi itself and blood can be termed as yin (blood, passive) and yang (chi, active).  The kidneys are yin by orientation and are paired with yang bladder that governs or controls the lower back.  The kidneys according to TCM is where the energy of the body originated and is the repository and mover of Jing throughout the body.  Jing creates (bone) marrow and when robust, leads to healthy, plentiful hair, hard bones, strong teeth and a healthy functioning mentality.  When the kidneys are healthy, the person is strong, physically and mentally. Weak kidneys beget a weak Jing making the body vulnerable to sickness and mental and body dysfunctions.  Symptoms of weak kidneys are lower back pain, kidney stones, sleeplessness, skin disorders, tinnitus, foot problems, poor bladder functions, sluggishness, feeble thinking, poor eyesight, infertility and nausea to mention a few.

Although the principle of correcting kidney conditions is basically the same for different acupuncture treatments of kidney disorders, the techniques may vary per person because of each person’s unique constitution.  Acupuncture improves blood flow to the kidneys reducing pain caused by ailments such as kidney stones and purges toxins accumulated on the kidneys.  A well nourished kidney helps in the reduction of stress and extreme emotions such as depression and anxiety all of which benefits both the physical and mental aspect of the individual

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