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Acupuncture Jacksonville has had an important part in eliminating or reducing pain and in averting the development of chronic conditions from countless number of patients.  Western medical science believes that acupuncture stimulates causes the body to produce and release natural steroids and natural painkillers called endorphins.  The steroids are the ones decreasing the swelling and inflammation while the endorphins are responsible for neutralizing pain.  These body chemicals play a vital in stymieing the process of pain.  By eliminating acute pain, acupuncture thus effectively lowers the chance of any chronic pain development.  It then prevents the necessity for more invasive and costlier surgeries. Also, with the elimination of back pain by acupuncture, the need for painkillers or other medications, which cause serious and harmful side-effects, can be completely discarded.

A look at how acupuncture can drastically reduce the medical cost of back pain shows that a whole acupuncture treatment for back pain entailing 15 sessions can save the patient more than $300 per year.  This simply means that besides being free from the inconvenience of taking drugs several times a day that cause harmful side effects and experiencing a much more qualitative and prolonged relief of pain, the patient can also save a good amount of money with acupuncture treatment.  Besides these great benefits acupuncture has more to give an individual.  Acupuncture is more than just a great reliever of pain.  It is also a way to get over flu and colds quicker, an aid for bowel and digestive problems and much more.  Acupuncture is also a viable treatment for irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, acid reflux and urinary frequency among others.

Acupuncture combined with another potent Chinese modality, herbal medicine, can significantly boost the immune system.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas can act as antibiotics against viral and bacterial infections.  Most of the herbs used in Chinese medicine are safe and do not have side effects as pharmaceutical drugs.  Many people in China underwent acupuncture combined with herbal medicine during the H1N1 scare and the so-called SARS epidemic.

Stress is a common factor in the Western way of living especially in the United States. A majority of Americans are anxious about their diminishing purchasing power and the security of their jobs.  Many Americans now have double jobs just to make ends meet and these put extreme amounts of stress on their physical and emotional health.  Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture can help the person relax physically, mentally and emotionally.  They are very effective in controlling stress, anxiety and depression.  A well-trained and licensed acupuncturist can strengthen the physical, emotional and mental health of his/her patient and treat them of various kinds of ailments and disorders.  Rather than depending on pharmaceuticals and invasive medical procedures to treat your conditions, acupuncture can give you a much better emotional, mental and physical health.

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