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The term “bird nest” for most people in the modern world is anything but extraordinary. Of course, we know that a bird’s nest is where most birds lay and keep their eggs. The nest protects the hatchlings until they are big enough to fly on their own. Bird’s nests are ordinary and common so they’re not something one thinks about too much.

That’s how it is in the Western world, but in the world of TCM or traditional Chinese medicine, a bird nest suggests something entirely different. To be specific, the nest TCM refers to and uses is the nest of a bird known as a Swiftlet. This bird has a bizarre way of creating a nest: It regurgitates its own saliva to adhere (glue) to hold, the sticks and other materials that make the nest, together.

The word “regurgitate” makes it all sound pretty gross especially when you relate it to something you’re supposed to use for your own body; however, by the time you become familiar with the astonishing benefits of this specific bird’ nest, you’ll realize why the Chinese has been using it since the 17th century.

This bird’s nest is used for a number of purposes in traditional Chinese medicine, including:

– As cough suppressant
– As nourishment for the lungs
– For cell regeneration
– For improved digestions
– For healing sickness
– For the enhancement of skin complexion

From the saliva of a bird, that’s a whole lot of benefits! And because of this, the nest of the swiftlet, difficult to find, has been cherished by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.

Bird Nest Product in the Present

Another interesting about the Swiflet’s nest is that the nest is built either up in very high steep cliffs or buried deep within dark caverns and caves way beyond the reach of humans.

So, how do humans manage to reach and get those nests in order to use it as some kind of treatment? Actually, you don’t’ need to risk your own life or travel to China to derive the benefits of this nest. Now, all you have to do is go online and search for reputable sellers of the (bird’s nest) supplements associated with traditional Chinese medicine.

In TCM, this bird’s nest is so common that any decent retailer who specializes in these products will surely have them available. Do not buy the swiftlet bird nest in pill form. Buy it in raw form and soak the nest before using it. This way, you know you are getting the authentic nest with its full benefits intact.
While the swiftlet bird nest is not something people widely use today, slowly but surely though, it is getting more and more popular in the West where it is used as a natural alternative treatment for different kinds of illnesses.

With the nest of the Swiftlet, you can even get beauty benefits! You can gain a more youthful appearance and your complexion can become smoother and more vibrant. This nest can slow down the process of aging and wrinkles and fine lines can disappear. You can use it to treat coughing and fever safely and quickly without any of the side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs.

Ivelisse DeJongh is a Miami acupuncturist and the medical director at DeJongh Acupuncture Clinic.

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