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The origins of acupuncture Miami can be traced back 2500 years ago in the Nei Ching, a canon of medicine that deals with the study and use of diet, lifestyle changes and herbal remedies as a type of health remedy.  Mentioned also in the Nei Ching is the use of sharp and reed thin needles gently manipulated into the body at specific skin points.  This procedure changes the energy flow into patterns that are healthy for the person.

Acupuncture is universally accepted as a viable alternative treatment for a host of health conditions.  Some of the medical disorders the World Health Organization recognize acupuncture is effective in treating are:

1. Gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory conditions and allergies.
2. Eye disorders, anxiety, depression, stress, gynecological problems.
3. Alcoholism, drug dependence, childhood maladies, throat and nose and problems.
4. Arthritis, minor back injuries, headaches and migraine.

Acupuncture can also be effective in the treatment of infertility although its efficacy will not be as potent if the woman is advanced in age or if the cause of the infertility is structural in nature.  When the woman is already in menopause, even in vitro fertilization treatment success maybe difficult to achieve.  For younger women, stress affects the ovulation of women and too much stress can make it difficult for them to have regular ovulation.

What acupuncture effectively does is to take away stress to help improve the blood circulation in the uterus which greatly increase the chance for successful embryo implantation for reproductive assisted procedures. Acupuncture is so popular and so effective that over 40,000 doctors and other healthcare professionals utilize acupuncture daily in their practice to assist infertile women who desire to bear children to achieve pregnancy.

Acupuncture stimulates the nervous system to produce and release endorphins; chemicals in the body that allow people to relax and feel calm.  When the woman is calm and relaxed the stress level is greatly reduced, pain is relieved and the body feels generally good.  This state of mind is vital for in vitro fertilization procedures since this treatment is extremely stressful and invasive in nature making the chance of success of this procedure without acupuncture very low.

As a stand alone treatment for infertility here are the most common benefits infertile women get from acupuncture therapy:

1. Acupuncture normalizes and regulates monthly ovulation
2. It effectively lowers or removes stress, depression and anxiety
3. Improves blood circulation to the uterus

Listed below are some infertility problems that acupuncture is capable of treating:

1. Unexplained infertility, specific problems in the thyroid, thin uterine lining.
2. Stress, frequent miscarriages and premature ovarian failure.
3. Cysts in the ovary, menstrual irregularities and immunology conditions.
4. Endocrine dysfunction, cervical mucus problems and amenorrhea.
5. Endometriosis, autoimmune conditions, advanced maternal aging.

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