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According to Chinese philosophy and theory, yin and yang are opposite yet appreciative energies in the world and the universe. Yang represents everything masculine, controlling, or positive and yin, the other energy, is characterized as feminine, passive, or earthy. One is neither greater nor less than the other; yin and yang represent the ideal state of harmony, union, and balance as both energies are prerequisites for balancing the world. The attributes of these two energies perfectly depict the female and male qualities. Yin and yang, in traditional Chinese medicine in Orlando, are referred to energy flows and energies within the body. The insight of these teachings is to attain a healthy state of body and mind, brought about by the proper balance of yin and yang. One must select the appropriate food and nourishment in order to acquire longevity and wellbeing. The concept of yin and yang is a spiritual and philosophical approach to garnering health through food; it conveys a comprehension of balanced nutrition for female and male, taking into account the differences in gender.

Both the female and male gender requires a daily intake of essential minerals and vitamins when it boils down to nutrient needs. The requirements of this intake, however, differ with age and gender. Although women and men need almost similar set of vitamins each day, nutritional needs are different between the sexes. Women and men have different muscle mass and body size. Certain disorders typically are only females and males, and some conditions occur more often by one gender or the other. Men, for instance, don’t experience menstrual periods and pregnancy, whereas women will never experience prostate cancer. Biological differences can command the amount of certain minerals and vitamins for both sexes.

The Harvard Medical School stated that health issues in men can range from Alzheimer’s, certain lung illnesses, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes to wellness concerns such as emotional health, weight control, nutrition, fitness, and exercise. Men may become more concerned with the effects of prostate changes and health and aging. As they sexually mature, men may become more concerned with the effects of changes in sexuality, prostate health, and aging. Lifespan also plays a huge role. The average man, for instance, lives five years fewer than the average woman, due in part by rigorous activities and higher levels of stress. Women encounter difficulties at different stages of their lives. Other medical problems play a huge role in women’s health apart from the common conditions of pregnancy, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, and menopause. Osteoporosis and breast cancer are seen as women’s health concerns, although they happen in men as well, from time to time. To both women and men, heart disease in a serious concern, but preventive strategies and risk factors may be different in women. Women may experience different symptoms of an impending heart attack than men. They may have greater concerns regarding aging, care giving, emotional health issues, and skin care as well as an impending heart attack

Women and men require a distinct balance of sex hormones to modulate the manufacture of testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone that play a major role in their sexual and mental health. We can’t modulate testosterone production although there are specific nutrients that can aid a person to modulate the manufacture of progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone that play a critical role in mental and sexual health. Mood swings and low libido may often occur when hormonal imbalance in a person leads to and can affect fertility and pregnancy in women. Healthy diet and lifestyle changes can help maintain wellbeing and good health.

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