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Noticing the shifting of the season, as the reflective and cold nature of winter starts to wane, spring all of a sudden breaks forth in explosive new growth. For centuries, TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine has observed how the body is associated to the peculiar qualities for each time of year. The emotion of anger as well as the season of the gall bladder and liver is often related to Spring. Seasonal balance and harmony are promoted through connection with nature, bodywork, and the use of diet.

According to TCM, the element of wood stands out during the vitality of spring. This element is intimately connected to the energy of growth in living things such as physical bodies, plants, and trees. Also falling under the realm of the wood element are the gallbladder and liver. Our capacity to make sound judgments as well as having focus and clarity are also governed by this element. One can suffer aggression, frustration, and irritation, along with explosive rage and depression when the liver is not in balance. The body may be vulnerable to headaches, vertigo, dry eyes, and numbness. On the other hand, when the gallbladder and liver are functioning well, the person may be able to handle stress and anger in a healthy, positive way.

TCM strongly recommends the use of nutrition to maintain smooth circulation of Chi or vital energy within the body. Bitter foods such as quinoa, amaranth, rye, romaine lettuce, dark leafy greens, and asparagus all help bolster a healthy gall bladder/liver Chi. Also useful are herbs cardamom, chive, dill, cayenne, garlic, and basil. In addition, herbal teas that soothe excited energy may include orange peel, chrysanthemum, jasmine, and peppermint. During the yang expression of spring, plenty of raw foods and sunlight can be vigorously imbibed by the body.

In eliminating the stagnancy of the winter months, detoxification is probably the most effective way to achieve this during the season of spring. Light eating by ingesting easily digestible foods such as freshly made vegetable juices and sprouts all promote the rejuvenation of the gall bladder and liver. For springtime cleansing, leafy green juices/beet and apple/carrot are especially beneficial. Chlorella, spirulina, sea vegetables, green drinks, and cereal grass help the body get rid of accumulated waste. During the slow winter months, harmful elements such as the byproducts of over-indulgence, environmental pollutants, and toxic heavy metals are all removed from the body through the process of detoxification. This is the time to limit high-sodium, processed and fatty along with dairy and meat.

Unpasteurized apple cider vinegar with a small amount of honey can be an ideal liver tonic for those without heat signs (thirst, red face, and constipation). Combine both in a glass of water and take them in first thing in the morning. Liver stagnation can be unblocked through this simple drink. Replace grapefruit juice, lime, or lemon for the vinegar if you manifest signs of heat.

During spring, bodywork can be very important for keeping the energy channels flowing while aiding in the cleansing of the body. To invigorate a stagnant liver or soothe an overactive one, swimming in nature, hiking, or walking can be quite beneficial. The color green, from the viewpoint of TCM, brings harmony to the gall bladder/liver energy channels. The vividness of spring connects with the natural spaces whilst supporting balanced vitality. By nature, chi kung or qigong can be very effective for boosting emotional calmness. Acupuncture in Cleveland can be extremely beneficial as it specifically works with the energy of the season to preserve the equilibrium of Chi. Additionally, EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a very powerful tool for healing anger and other emotional imbalances.

We all have an opportunity to revitalize our well being and health during springtime, the season that erupts with renewed vibrancy and growth. The gall bladder and liver are rejuvenated, aggression, frustration, and anger are healed through the gentle promotion of a balanced wood element inside the body.

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