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Taiji or Tai chi means the origin. According to Chinese tradition, there exists opposite forces in the universe at the time of creation. These forces are known as Yin and Yang and they interact with each other, and merge with different forces in the universe: the Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, and Metal energy. Yin and Yang bring creation into being with a variety of characteristics.

Various Qi gong schools perform exercises that apply the concept of Qi in the field of martial arts to master Qi and improve power, strength, and health. Qigong literally means the (art) of mastering Qi.

All of us live because our breath or Qi is active. You die when you stop breathing. Life’s characteristic is motion. Your body functions only because of the constant flow of nutrition, water, oxygen, blood, and Qi throughout the body. If the flow of your blood and Qi is smooth, you stay healthy. Qi is the life force that drives your life.

Hence, when one practices Qi Gong, he learns to master the energy or Qi in his body.

Qigong is the technique to master the Qi force in your body.

So, now that we know what Qigong is, we can ask is Tai chi? Most of us mistake Tai chi for Tai chi Quan which is the martial art that apples the principle of Tai chi to physical movements of the body, such as Tai chi 108 sets or Tai chi 24 sets. It is extremely helpful for improving self defense and health.

However, most Tai chi associations and schools today have unfortunately lost the art of Tai chi Qi gong which is the basis of Tai chi Quan. Most of the time, when people say they learn Tai chi, they refer to the external form of Tai chi Quan movements. Although the practice of Tai chi Quan is beneficial, one can benefit much more by knowing both Tai chi Quan and Tai chi Qigong.

This will lead us to Tai ji Gong, which is the total art of Tai chi, including Tai chi Knife, Tai chi Sword, Taichi Quan, and Tai chi Qigong and other Tai chi techniques established using the classic rules of Tai chi. Tai chi is the genuine art that we can trace back to millennia of genuine practitioners.

In learning Tai ji Gong to master the energy within your body, you need to first start with Tai chi Qi Gong. You’ll learn how to empower your energy and organs, replenish powerful energy from the universe, open your meridian channels, and detoxify any negative energy you have in the body.

After that, you can go forward in your learning of Tai chi Quan, as well as learning Tai chi Knife, Tai chi Sword, etc. The level of internal energy and the discipline required is different at each stage.

As one practices, he can progress to greater levels of Tai ji Gong mastery. You’ll be able to master your Qi, and will also help channel the Qi energy all over your body at any moment of Tai ji exercise. You’ll be able to rejuvenate your body, heal sickness significantly, and gain instant energy.

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